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Hockey: Montague double condemns Edelfox in Coppa Italia derby in Follonica

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Grosseto, 1 April 2022 – The Grosseto Edilfox Skating club salutes the Coppa Italia, passed in the quarter-finals at “Capannino” by Galileo Follonica (5-2). A bitter defeat for Federico Baguy’s boys, owed above all to two goals conceded in the first half within 18 seconds by Fernando Monteagle, which made the locals 1-1 to 3-1, and gave them proper peace of mind. The blue pentagram for the second part of the competition. The red and white goalkeeper Ministe stopped three direct shots by the hosts, keeping his team afloat (only two goals in the last 100 minutes) which unfortunately failed to recover the deficit in the second half, and only shortened the distance in the final match with Franchi. The Reds and Whites, who are still holding the track well, can now focus on the championship: they have one week to prepare for the match against Sarzana (scheduled for Wednesday 30th at Circuit Mario Bari) which can guarantee a sporting place in the playoffs. . The first part of the match is entirely Follonian brand, with Grosseto thinking more about defending himself than attacking. The first stakes come at the door of Giovanni Ministi of Lupit and Davide Panini. Spaniard Lobet tried but was blocked by Rodriguez, then goalkeeper Minechetti.

Galileo insists, even if the skate club is well controlled. At 9′ David Panini breaks and shoots a shot that hits the post. The domestic feature comes into play: Francesco Panini, as soon as he enters the field, prepares on his own, burning Stefano Baggi on time and defeating Ministi. The entry of Mount and Nacevich gives Grosseto a bit of liveliness, but Barozzi stops the Argentine. Mr. Baggie also calls Capella, who shoots first and then fails to repeat Mount’s shot at the net. In the 19th minute, Edelfox found the equalizer: Nasevich, who plays on the bank, fired a superb shot that Cerce Kabila confirmed on the net. At 5’40, Follonica’s back to advantage: Monteagle fires into the net quickly under the crossbar, with a pass from Marco Panini. Monteagle takes 18 seconds to lift Galileo 3-1 with a cannonball that leaves Minicetti no way out. Edilfox feels a little bit of a hit and Follonica tries to stretch. At 1’32 Saavedra does not frame the door on the minute service of Rodriguez. The first danger to recover comes from a shot from outside Monteagle, while Marco Pagnini puts it aside. Grosseto responds with a nice conclusion from Rodriguez. Grosseto players experience it with the action of a cute character by Stefano Paghi and a shot by Paghi. Menicchetti, in the 7’50 minute, saved a superb free kick from Lopet and with the fall of the man, Grosseto was denied the second goal of the evening with a superb intervention from Barrosi.

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The race is lively: First Panini and then Rodriguez wreak havoc on others’ defenses. With 12’10 from the finish Menichetti still stopped dead Llobet on the first penalty, awarded after Rodriguez was sent off. On the team’s 10th foul, it’s up to Marco Bagnini to deal with Giovanni Ministi’s harsh law, but for a few moments he had to succumb to Francesco Panini’s shot, which deserves 4-1 domestic. For a (doubtful) foul by Cappella on Francesco Panini, referee Davoli conceded a penalty that Panini himself sent to the post. On the fifth attempt, Galileo made a straight shot, with David Panini, who overtook Ministi with a “raised and smashed”. Grosseto tries with Rodriguez, but Barrosi saves. At 2’09, a David Panini push on Baghi allows Baghi to take a penalty, which Barrosi unfortunately manages to reject. The last sentiment in the match was given by Alessandro Franchi, who in numerical superiority with a nice “surge and smash” makes Barozzi dry. Grid unfortunately only makes defeating Edilfox less bitter.

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