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Old cars, if you make this modification to your car, you will get back 3,500 euros: faster

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Not everyone knows that installing a component on old cars gives you a government incentive of 3,500 euros. Heres how to do it.

Auto parts –

Often times we find ourselves in front of Car rotation problems and the gods ruin That case on the environment This sometimes leads the government to make very private choices.

This is why we often hear about trading a Replacement license plates which states Transportation Restriction Individuals who follow the license plate number of Reduce gas emissions Especially on weekends and/or during the busiest periods.

Old cars: here’s how to get an incentive of 3,500 euros

However, this causes some inconvenience, since a car is necessary for many motorists to get to certain places and often these places are not covered by public transport and that is why a car becomes necessary.

But it must be said that the old models ofSentences Especially those that run on diesel gas cause many problems and it is one of the most discussed environmental issues and actions are always being taken around the world to try to reduce this problem.

Automatic: This is the state incentive for those who switch to electricity
Chinese electric car

It is not surprising that within ten years all diesel cars will find themselves unable to use this fuel which, despite helping on long journeys, emits more Carbon Dioxide From an ordinary petrol car.

In fact, there is a group that is moving around the world to raise awareness of this problem and to do so is targeting SUV cars Unload the vehicle wheels through the valve without causing further serious damage.

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Once the gesture is made, this group leaves a note on the windshield wiper and explains why they made the gesture by asking the driver not to get angry because it was done for a just cause.

Automatic: This is the state incentive for those who switch to electricity
Old cars can get a state bonus of 3,500 euros if they are modified in one of their components –

Speech of pollution caused by emission Carbon Dioxide On the part of vehicles, a problem that does not include onlyItalia But many parts of the world and that is why all governments are always looking for a way to reduce the circulation of dirty old cars.

state reward

In addition to the restrictions imposed on certain areas of the city, electricity poles have been installed in many cities that allow you to recharge your electricity poles. electric transaction car Which, however, has been much discussed.

The criticism of this type of car is mainly due to the high cost of both the car and his car Maintenance work plus no Having enough columns In different points of the cities.

They are always arranged either in central places or in places close to supermarkets and this would cause discomfort in the mind of the motorist who would choose instead Sentences to me Gas o diesel.

Automatic: This is the state incentive for those who switch to electricity
Lack of electric car charging poles discourages car purchase –

However, very positive news from the government arrives for those who intend to change their car from petrol to electric thanks to the incentives set by the state.

Thanks to an electric modernization that plans to convert his vehicle from gasoline to electric propulsion, the state has anticipated this corridor “Payment” from around 3500 EUR.

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This can be achieved by installing an electric motor instead of gasoline or diesel to power your car, but it is also true that this process costs a lot of money.

For this reason, the state offers partial coverage of 60% of the cost of the operation that reaches Up to 3500 Euro And this is exactly what is described in the decree Ministry of Infrastructure.

Automatic: This is the state incentive for those who switch to electricity
Installing an electric motor could lead to a 3,500-euro government stimulus –

According to this ministerial decree that also sees interference Ministry of Economic Development The facility will not only include classic vehicles, but also minibuses and vans.

However, you have to be careful about the expiration date. this is bonus It can be ordered by those who have performed the transformation by those who have already done it starting from November 10, 2021 And by those who intend to do so by December 31, 2022.

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