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The Exorcist – The believer keeps winning. Talk to me about VM14 returns. New releases today

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Few changes in the top 10 in Italy while waiting for the films to arrive today. The exorcist – the believer The first remains at 128 thousand euros and advances at 1.5 million euros Murder in VeniceWho gets another 58 thousand euros for 7.3 million h Talk to me (It was finally back banned for children under 14 and no longer for children under 18 after the Motion Picture Works Classification Board changed its mind and distributor Midnight Factory won the appeal) with 54 thousand and 1.5 million.

Asteroid city He gets 42 thousand euros and rises to 1.2 million Born for you Confirms itself as the best Italian company with a total turnover of 46 thousand euros and 372 thousand euros, I’m the captain He gets 44 thousand euros and exceeds 3.1 million I wanted a boy It stops at 38 thousand euros, bringing the total to 482 thousand. the creator It has passed the 1 million mark with 33k received yesterday. They close Paw Patrol – The Superhero MovieFor 24 thousand euros and 1.3 million AH OppenheimerAnd perhaps on the last day of the top ten with 23 thousand euros and a total of 27.4 million.

From today it is up Dogman, Last time we were kids, Taylor Swift – Tour of the Ages, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, Embrace Paris again, Ino-oh, Goica – one step away from the dream, Double step, natural, Guests, Care seekers – looking for care And The moon is under water.

It’s all set for Taylor Swift in America
Everything is ready in America (and the rest of the world) for release Taylor Swift – Tour of the Ageswhich has already done $100 million in pre-sale sales alone (note: tickets cost double/three times the regular price almost everywhere, so, while the numbers are very impressive, we’re definitely not at the level Barbenheimer…) Which would allow cinemas to partially compensate for the revenue lost due to the postponement of several films scheduled to be shown this fall until next year due to the strike of actors and screenwriters.

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Swift’s concert film is part of a subgenre that is increasingly gaining ground on the big screen and can already count on a fair number of hits in America. By far the highest US grosser, but will already be undermined in its first weekend, it is Justin Bieber Never say noWhich earned $96 million in 2011. Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds concert tour In 2008, he received 95 million. One Direction: This Is Us Instead, it stopped at 37.3 million, while dozens of other titles made even less.

Box office in Italy on Wednesday, October 11, 2023
1. The exorcist – the believer: 128,894 euros
2. Murder in Venice: 58,046 euros
3. Talk to me: 54,821 euros
4. Asteroid city: 52,182 euros
5. Born for you: 46,484 euros
6. I’m captain: 44,797 euros
7. I wanted a boy: 38,859 euros
8. the creator: 33,409 euros
9. Paw Patrol – The Superhero Movie: 24,078 euros
10. Oppenheimer: 23,010 euros

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