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The Gray Man: Review of the new Netflix movie with Ryan Gosling :: Blog on Today

The Gray Man: Review of the new Netflix movie with Ryan Gosling :: Blog on Today

Netflix hasn’t suggested a movie befitting this name in a while. It took Ryan Gosling and brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, the names behind most Marvel movies, to make an action movie on the streaming platform. Well, yes, why gray manThe new Netflix movie based on the novel “Three Days to a Crime” by Mark Greene, is the true reveal of the streaming giant’s movie season. It was first released in theaters and soon after on the Netflix catalog, gray man It is the story of a lonely man, a good-hearted killer, a former prisoner who becomes a highly trained CIA agent hired to kill the world’s worst threats without leaving a trace of his passing. A simple man, in a few words, a shy man but of great values, seemingly sentimental but very attached to the only two people left in his life, for whom he would give up his existence. This guy is client “Six”. Yes, it’s called Number Six and it’s the character played by Ryan Gosling, a man who becomes part of a top-secret CIA project, Project Sierra, who will discover that those he thinks are good, in fact, are the ones who should have fought the enemy.

The movie is built perfectly. The plot unfolds in different time frames with many flashbacks always placed at the most opportune moment to always add that little extra piece to the character’s description and deepen its psychological side. Not many scenes at all, too many jokes or too long chain of events gray man. Times are studied and calculated like crazy to keep the tension always too high and never allow the viewer to take their eyes and heart away from the story they are immersed in. Action scenes gray manMoreover, unlike what usually happens, it is not boring or redundant but constantly alternates with moments of contemplation in a well-balanced cinematic structure so that it makes watching the film a real pleasure and never a burden, despite the solid film of more than two hours.

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Ryan Gosling himself asserts that he is an excellent boycott, always trading in doses and never “too much.” It fits perfectly with the personality of “Six” and gives beautiful emotions even with his silence and appearance. The one aspect the movie doesn’t convincing is the interpretation of Reggie Jean Page, the former Duke of Hastings for Bridgerton, who probably didn’t fit into the villain’s character. Excellent job, though, for Chris Evans, Gosling’s opponent always being positioned, charismatic, and convincing in his performances.

Balanced and thoughtful, not superficial gray man It’s a movie so well done that even those who don’t like action movies love it and that says it all.

Rating: 8 and a half