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Another Horror in the Oval Room – Libero Quotidiano

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“Invasive” projects Joe Biden, President bitumani From the United States, I am not Unique In the White House. Of course, the Democrats’ recent actions risk dominating the international political agenda (so to speak) for months, at least at the aisle level. As Maurizio Stefanini said, freeActually, it was Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, to reveal how she did it sleepy atmosphere He let himself go loud and smell it fart In being in Glasgow, just like CoP26 He was addressing the thorny issue of reducing emissions of gases into the atmosphere to combat global warming.

Cop26, Joe Biden sleeps around the world: embarrassment in the room

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In short, other than clean wind or nuclear power. The British press stole the outrage we imagine horrific by a companion Prince Charles And shook him at four winds. The daily Mail Gone in the details, talk about a fart ‘Long and noisy’ He arrived not only in the presence of Carlo and Camilla, but also in the presence of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It has to be said, always remember Stephanini freeEven Biden’s predecessor in the White House, Donald TrumpShe has a respectable approach in this regard. According to a famous crap, in fact, Trump seems to have stayed with youna sonora scorr **** ia While making a phone call to ask Recount in Georgia ”, as well as others in the course of interviews or public speeches. Of course, it is not known whether he reached the level of Biden’s “galactic hero”, who was during a face-to-face confrontation with Pope Francesco “It will be stained underwear. astronomical peaks.

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