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Car incentives 2023 Italians warned, it’s a race against time

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Car incentives 2023 Italians warned, it’s a race against time. The government has now confirmed the figures are all from the merchants

The year has just begun, but for many Italians it is already a race against time. Let’s talk about all those who bet Euro 2023 incentives For electric and hybrid cars that have been confirmed by the Meloni government.

Car incentives 2023, it’s a race against time (

All a little more than 600 million euros And for this it is already a race against time, at least to reserve models in dealerships. This ruling follows what the government had previously foreseen: a rebate for electric cars, with CO2 emissions between 0 and 20 grams per kilometer up to 5 thousand euros in the event of scrapping a car up to 5 euros.

But the incentives for hybrid cars, starting with the plug-in, were also emphasized. The real novelty is the fact that the amount allocated to all those with an income of less than 30 thousand euros has been increased.

Car incentives 2023, it’s a race against time: all numbers available

Let’s get into the details and see what new car incentives for 2023 have to offer. Bonus for buying new vehicles first class Not less than 6 euros and emissions between 0 and 20 g/km (electric vehicles) and a maximum list price of 35,000 euros. In this case, you are entitled to 4,500 euros (previously 3,000) or 7,500 euros instead of the current 5,000 euros in the event that the car was scrapped before 5 euros.

For cars with emissions from 21 to 60 g / km, such as hybrid cars, especially plug-in, up to a maximum of 45,000 euros, there will be a bonus of 3,000 euros (now 2000) which rises to 6,000 euros with scrapping instead of 4,000). The new decree also includes leasing companies and operators as well as “legal entities that lease cars on the condition that they retain ownership for at least 12 months.”

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Auto Incentives 2022, Opportunities
Car incentives 2023, amazing opportunities (

Furthermore, for 2022, a contribution has been made to purchase standard energy infrastructure to recharge electric vehicles. The amount will be 80% of the purchase and installation price, up to a maximum of €1,500 per individual applicant. or 8,000 euros for installation on the common areas of residential buildings.

Incentives for 2023 are also those for mopeds and motorcycles as well as commercial vehicles

The 2023 incentives will also begin to purchase mopeds and motorcycles in the L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e and L7 classes of electric vehicles and those with internal combustion engines. In particular for Electric bikes The contribution is equal to 30% of the purchase price up to a maximum of 3,000 € or 40% up to a maximum of 4,000 €. But only in the case of scrapping a motorcycle of up to 3 euro category.

For petrol scooters, on the other hand, in addition to a 5% discount from the dealer, there is also a contribution of 40%, up to a maximum of 2,500 euros, on the purchase price with a disposal of the motorcycle from 0 euros to 3 euros.

Incentives for electric motorcycles
incentives, there are also electric scooters (

Finally we see incentives for commercial vehicles. 100% electric vehicles are designed only and are intended to save €4,000 for N1 vehicles up to 1.5 tons, €6,000 for N1 vehicles over 1.5 tons and up to 3.5 tons, €12,000 for N2 vehicles from 3.5 tons to 7 tons, and €14,000 for N2 vehicles up to 7 tons. Over 7 tons up to 12 tons. Also in all these cases there should be skimming For a vehicle of the same class, certified in an emissions class of less than €4.

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