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The government is blocking the crypto wallets of Vox opponents

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The Canadian government, led by Justin Trudeau, has imposed a number of restrictions 34 digital wallets No Vox, which has been holding the country in check for weeks, has joined the protesters.

Funds deposited in restricted crypto wallets, according to local media reports They will cross one million dollarsAnd more than 80% of the total Bitcoin. Although Ottawa authorities have the power to confiscate and retrieve the contents of a digital wallet, many experts believe the process is not easy to complete. Decentralized walletsIts management is not in the hands of one company.

Canada: No Vox crypto wallets on display

Canadian government sources say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered all companies to be audited by the body responsible for overseeing the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center (FINTRAC) of Canada. Will be stopped with immediate effect Donations to 34 crypto wallets owned by the organizers ofIndependent convoy“.

Specifically, these are 29 addresses Bitcoin2 addresses Ethereum1 Address Cardano1 Address Monero And 1 address Litcoin. Canadian police believe there is about $ 1.4 million They are well stocked in cryptocurrency and some wallets 20 BTCThis is equal to the current exchange rate Approximately $ 870,000.

The contents of the wallet have not yet been confiscated because it is not clear whether the funds were stored in transactions under FINTRAC’s direct control or instead. Hardware devices. It is not excluded that it was used by protesters CompositionSpecialized software that guarantees a high level of anonymity.

However, it is believed that restrictions on offensive crypto wallets may slow down operations Fundraising The Canadian No Vox movement, as well as setting a major precedent for the future.

How come no vox is funded by crypto?

The Canadian No Vox Movement is not the first organization to decide to fund with digital currencies, and many companies have already followed this path in recent years: the most famous example cited by Russian and Hong Kong activists, but also the culprit. And terrorist organizations have funded part of their operations through Bitcoin or other crypto.

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First, supporters of truck drivers began sending money through the popular GoFundMe fundraising portal, which set up a $ 9 million fundraising campaign. Following the suspension of fundraising, protesters began campaigning. “HonkHonk HodlVia site Tallycoin, Which guarantees the quick and free transfer of Bitcoin. The movement is also thought to be collecting donations through telegram channels or multiple social accounts.

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