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The four hobbits have dinner together and a fan gets out of his mind

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The Four of the lovable hobbits of the franchise met up a few days ago In a restaurant and a fan who found himself dining next to the stars, he found a way to capture the moment in the best possible way.

Imagine yourself going to a restaurant for dinner You find yourself near your table not one, not two, but four hobbits of the Lord of the Rings. This is what happened to a fan when he went out with his wife and sat next to him Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and Dominic MonaghandiStraight Frodo Baggins, Samways Jamji, Pepin and Merry In the film adaptation directed by Peter Jackson. You can find the photo that Monaghan posted on Instagram at the end of the story.

Naturally, It’s impossible not to notice the cheerful fan’s face peeking out from behind the four stars, in the evening photo surely the lucky one will never forget. However, the event was not only immortalized by the photo, because the same photo attacker tweeted practically the entire meeting live. Here are the words from fan Cam Olsen’s first Twitter post, in which he claims he has “completely lost his mind”:

“My wife and I are out for dinner and sat next to Elijah Wood and Sean Astin. I’d respect their space and wouldn’t bother them, but I definitely panicked.”

And so a series of tweets updated followers throughout the evening and at the end Olsen admitted he couldn’t resist and blew up the photos In the image of the four stars.

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I couldn’t help it. Upon my departure, I thanked them for their work in bringing LOTR back to life. They were so kind I shook Sean Astin’s hand. I’ve lived Shire tonight and loved it.”.

A few months ago I Four hobbits meet at an event in Canada. In conclusion, we remind you that it will appear soon Amazon Prime Video Lord of the Rings Series: Rings of Power.

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