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Netflix, “Red Notice”: Trailer, trama e cast

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Rawson Marshall Thurber’s Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds has been available on Netflix since yesterday. The action comedy broke all the spending records for the streaming service, but what is it about? Let’s find out together. red notice This is the new original movie Netflix with the Ansar Dwayne JohnsonAnd Gal Gadot NS Ryan Reynolds. The film is written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (“Skyscraper”, “How to sell your family” and “A Spy and a Half”) available on the streaming platform from Yesterday 12 November 2021.

The budget for the movie was approx 200 million dollarsI, making it so far more expensive project from the podium netflix, Exceeding $159 million invested in building Irish.

Red Notice: Plot

red notice 2red notice refers to a INTERPOL’s Global Alert System which is activated to capture a file criminals The most wanted on the planet. One day, a grand heist sets Interpol’s best client John Hartley On the trail of two art thieves Among the most in demand in the world: Nolan Booth NS Sarah Black, whose target is three precious golden eggs, the symbol of love between them Cleopatra NS Marco Antonio.

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Unfortunately, for John, the captivity is not going as well as hoped, it will indeed come to pass on him international arrest warrant Which will lead him to ally with those who were his enemies in the beginning.


redJohn Hartley plays an FBI agent Dwayne Johnson, while thieves Nolan Booth and Sarah Black play respectively Ryan Reynolds NS Gal Gadot.

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The three movie stars have never acted together before, but they are all big success undisputed from a Cinecomics: Ryan Reynolds Plays the role of DidboNS Gal Gadot he is a translator amazing woman Finally the rock He will be hitting the big screen very soon in a role black Adam, Shazam antieroe! dell’universo DC.

The rest of the cast consists of Rito Aria In the role of inspector Urvashi DasAnd Chris Diamantopoulos in turn hissAnd Vincenzo Amato In the director’s role GalloAnd Melissa Kennimore, Jasmine Habib, Russian Prisoner, Brianna Marie Narayan And many other things.

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