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Football franchise, Folgor in the transfer market: I took Pusaric and JD

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Folgor is running at full speed, for an activity that culminated last night in a friendly match with Chiavazzi. However, a new pause for the weekend of January 9 looms due to Covid. At the insistence of several chiefs, there will be a video conference in the league about the future during the day, in the meantime, Lombardi has already suspended everything.

The repair market is closed tonight and Folgore and DS Filmo Rosso are making two important purchases. From Borgomanero comes Croatian striker Marko Boscaric, who scored the knockout goal against Folgor in mid-November in the last match. The goal here is a player known in Folgor by the name of Alessio Denaro, already wearing blue for a piece from the 19/20 season but also wearing Bianconero from Belize. Luca Bagatin will miss the stadiums and will go to Chiavazzese, who also took over Gabriel Cobo and Diego Giordano from Vigliano. “We are above the waterline – says the Azzurri coach Pierluca Perettor – on the field despite having a completely new team and without a fixed pitch to play at home. We deserved a few extra points, especially from the last four races, where we collected much less than we built.”

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