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Big Brother Vip, how much does Manuel Borzozo get paid per episode? Here are the numbers

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The swimmer’s seal of Trieste, the protagonist of the sixth edition of Big Brother Phip.

Manuel PortozzoOne of the heroes of the sixth edition of big brother vip, would realize more than generosity tuft For his participation in the reality show Mediaset.

Gf Vip, Manuel Bortuzzo will get €5000 per week

Then you will win bet The swimmer is from Trieste as I mentioned Television:

“According to rumors, the swimmer was earning 5,000 euros a week, 715 euros a day and 2,500 euros per stake. So far, he would have earned about 40,000 euros. And if he was on the last podium, he could instead earn between 75 and 125 thousand euros. ”

Numbers Which, if true, is really unbelievable. It is also clear that other competitors are also expected to receive generous compensation and the highest paid this year appears to be an opera singer. Katia Ricciarelli, which is actually the most popular name for the current version of Big brother. After all, it is not surprising that in the face of a request to stay or not after the extension was announced, many gieffinis agree to stay. The reality show you hosted Alfonso Signorini It will air until March 2022, and the deadline will be March 13, which is exactly six months from the start date of this version.

During the twenty-seventh appointment with big brother vipAired on Monday, December 13th Manuel He officially announced his acceptance of the extension. Over the past few days in a house, the swimmer was looking rather uncertain, so much so that he wrote some kind of farewell letter to him lulu. Perhaps it was the latter and the love born for her that convinced him to stay and enjoy the television adventure of reality TV.

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