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Google will remove private addresses and phone numbers in search results

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Data Protection News –

By extending the concept of protection to physical contexts as well, not just digital, Google decided to include government identification numbers, such as the US Social Security number, tax code, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, photos of identity documents, handwritten signatures, medical records, physical addresses, phone numbers, and mail e-mail, confidential login credentials, non-consensual intimate profile pictures, fake porn videos, or computer-modified photos.

How to apply –

To ask the security team to remove the information, you will need to provide Google with a list of web addresses pointing to your personal data and search pages that lead to those links. Google will evaluate the application while continuing to “maintain access to information deemed to be of public interest, professionally relevant, or of governmental origin.” Even if the request is accepted, the data will be excluded from the search results but will always be visible on the original site that hosts it.

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