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The first half ends! – OA Sport

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21.55 Juventus who tries and takes the lead, but then falls and suffers a draw, risking even drowning. More courageous testing would be needed for black and white girls.

See you soon in the second half!

45′ the first half ended, Juventus-Wolfsburg 1-1.

43 cross from Caruso, who did not find anyone in the penalty area.

41, Ammonites Oberdorf flies over Bonancy.

39′ Latoween touched his far post head.

37 ′ The Juventus team is suffering, the outside players on the wings are very fast.

35′ Berud Magnin avoids doubling the German team.

33′ Cernoia for Carso, but the clip is inaccurate.

31′ Amunita Rusucci due to a midfield error.

29′ Shot on the outside of Hoth’s net.

27 Guests are still close to the feature, para Peyraud-Magnin.

25 GoalAnd latwin, on the right find the intersection of the poles, Juventus – Wolfsburg 1-1.

23 ′ Juventus raises the center of gravity, they want to double.

21′ Bianconeri who took advantage of the defensive neglect of the German national team.

19 ′ GoooooooooooooooooooolAnd GireliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiThe number ten Bianconeri does not forgive in front of the goalkeeper, Juventus – Wolfsburg 1-0.

17 ′ closure of the Rauch curve from the outside of the area.

15′ Lattwein is booked for a foul on Bonansea in midfield.

13′ Sarah Gama release who didn’t find Girelli on the wing.

11′ Peyraud-Magnin saves a finale from Rauch after a free kick.

9 ′ Wassmouth tried with his left hand, the Juventus goalkeeper was saved.

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7′ Punishment from Cernoia who finds no mates in the area.

5′ Juventus tries to adjust the maneuvering from below.

3′ long ball possession of Wolfsburg.

1, the game begins!

20.55 teams enter the field!


20.45 There are ten minutes left for the players to enter the field.

20.40 Bianconer Joe Montemoro lost in the last round at Allianz Stadium to Chelsea 1-2, after the debut against Servette: Bonanci’s momentary equalizer was useless. Cuthbert and Harder’s goals were decisive for the Blues.

20.35 “These challenges are all decisive, we have to do our best but also learn. It is an incentive for us to find ourselves here – announced Montemoro at a press conference – it will be a different game for Chelsea: they are a great team but the fans will give us an extra boost. They have to intimidate us, us We play at home and we want to put our positive game into practice.”

20.30 As for Wolfsburg, it gets four points as a result of the success against the Swiss team and the draw in the opening match against Chelsea.

20.25 The old lady comes into the match with three points, which she earned in a win on Servet field which preceded the measure’s defeat against the VPs.


8.15 pm More than 11,000 spectators will be ready to push the Bianconeri towards a victory that will reopen the discussion to qualify for the quarter-finals.

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20.10 here formations officers:

Juventus: Perod Magnin ; Lundorff, Gamma, Sylvay, Poitin; Rusucci, Pedersen, Caruso; Bonance, Girelli, Cernoia.

On the bench: April, Heerenen, Linzini, Nielden, Giai, Zamanyan, Staskova, Bonfantini, Beccari, Pvatner, Hurtig.

Wolfsburg: Schulte. Wedemeyer, Hendrich, Janssen, Rauch; Oberdorf, Latwin; Wassmuth, Huth, Knaak, Roord.

20.05 Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of the Juventus and Wolfsburg match of the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Good evening and welcome to the match between Juventus and Wolfsburg in the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Joe Montemoro’s team must make up for the defeat against Chelsea.

The path continues in Champions League NS Juventus women That after Servette and Chelsea’s confrontation Wolfsburg In the third match of Group A, Montemoro must fully confirm the eleventh start seen against him Chelsea: Peyraud-Magnin in goal, Lundorf, captain Domain, selfie Boatine in defense; Rosucci, Pedersen and Cernoia In the midfield, with an offensive trident consisting of bonancyAnd baby walkers Express Mail. Bianconeri With the goal of victory.

Stroot picks a classic 4-4-2 with Schulte in goal, a defense made up of Hendrich, Wedemeyer, Janssen and Rauch. In the median Wassmuth, Oberdorf, Lattweln and Knaak, behind the offensive tandem of Hoth NS red.

match: Juventus Women’s Wolfsburg

DrAtta: November 9, 2021

Hours: 21.00

TV channel and live broadcast: dazn

Possible line-ups for women Juventus – Wolfsburg

Juventus women (4-3-3): Berod Magnin; Lundorff, Gamma, Sylvay, Poitin; Rusucci, Pedersen, Cernoia; Bonansea, Girelli, Fast. everybody. Montemoro.

Wolfsburg women (4-4-2): must; Hendrich, Wedemeyer, Janssen, Rauch; Wassmuth, Oberdorf, Lattweln, Knack; Huth, Roard. Alice. Tommy Strutt

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OA Sport brings you the live text of the UEFA Women’s Champions League match between Juventus and Wolfsburg: Real-time news and constant updates. Departure at 21:00. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse.

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