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Bolzano falls to Vienna, the second defeat in a row to the league leaders – OA Sport

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Here comes the second defeat in a row for Bolzano In the Ice Hockey Championship 2022-2023. In fact, the Foxes had to give way today in Vienna, away from home for 3-5.

The Italian team, still at the top of the standings, started the feud in the best possible way by signing to a 1-0 lead with Halmo after just 30 seconds. But the response of the Austrians came almost immediately, thanks to Bauer’s equalizer (4:31). in the second half The guests will then ascend to the chair, finding the advantage with Bradley (3:18) and expanding with Rutter (12:19). But Bolzano does not collapse, shortening the distance with Frattin (18:21).

After fighting hard at the beginning of the third period, always in Vienna Power playmanaged to find the correct bottleneck by returning to run at 9:45, only to be approached by Miceli again at 17:21. Then Bradley’s goal, with an empty net, will be to bring success to the Austrians, who are able to snap a streak of three defeats in a row.

Ice hockey, Sárközy Tamás Memorial Tournament: Italy defeats France and wins the shootout tournament

The Ice Hockey League will be back tomorrow, Sunday 20 November, with the challenge between Valputeria and Vienna.

Photo: Antonello Vanna

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