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The first case involving a pet in Canada

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One more statement Mammals affected by bird flu: On the other side of the Atlantic in Canada, local health officials arrive They found the virus in a dog of Oshawa, south of Lake Ontario, died A few days later A wild goose bite.

As reported CFIACanadian Institute of Food Research, Public Health Agency, Results A post-mortem examination of the animal showed involvement of the respiratory system. But, experts noted, more trials are underway.

Doctors reassured citizens worried about a new epidemic Number of H5N1 bird flu cases in non-avian speciesLike cats and dogs, documented in the scientific literature Based on current testing in Canada, it is very low and even low A human can get bird flu from a pet.

Clearly, once this is confirmed, there are recommendations that should not be taken lightly. So people living with pets are encouraged by doctors to take it Take proper precautions to protect animals and themselvesThis prevents them from eating raw meat from game or poultry and from playing with or eating dead birds.

This is not the first known episode of bird flu in mammals in Canada. Actually the news comes after that Many parts of southern Ontario have reported confirmed cases or skunks or skunks suspected of having bird flu in the past few weeks.

It is for this reason that Public Health Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Cfia), is monitoring this phenomenon with great care and attention. For example, March The Toronto Zoo has closed its aviaries As a precautionary measure after the pathogen was discovered at a commercial poultry farm in southern Ontario.

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