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How to reduce the size of the console? –

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PS5 Slim It’s already there, even though it’s just a file Prototype Made by Youtuber DIY Perks, who set a goal Reducing size From the Sony console, which is really cool, it transfers the PCB inside a copper case that is only 2cm thick.

Actual sizes of components PlayStation 5 They allow it, as anyone who has watched the official PS5 teardown knows all too well, but in the end, the experiment laid out by Matthew Birx did nothing but put the power supply and above all the platform dissipation system on the outside.

So will the PS5 Slim from DIY Perks let time find it? Let’s say the challenge of taking such a large console and Minimize it to an ultra-thin decoder It would be exciting for any hardware enthusiast, but a bit of stakes would have helped.

As you can actually see at the end of the video, when comparing Perks to a file Temperatures Practicing the PlayStation 5 Slim with those of the standard model, the solution adopted for heat dissipation is very effective and perhaps reducing its scope while accepting greater thickness will allow the project to take on different connotations.

PS5 Slim by DIY Perks

Of course, someone asked the question, which is actually a challenge for Sony, which is undoubtedly positive: many expect the Japanese house to bring a more compact model to its current flagship in stores, which could hypothetically happen between 2023 and 2024, and collect Some ideas never hurt.

Obviously no one would buy a PS5 that’s very thin but with two large cables sticking out from the back and leading to a coil mega radiator To be wall-mounted and cooled by a fan chain, so the slim model obviously wouldn’t be too small.

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Xbox Xbox X
Xbox Xbox X

Who knows, maybe the Japanese home will find a solution PCB . bent In the Xbox Xbox Xchoosing an external power supply that can reduce the volumes needed for components and create a smaller, more efficient custom cooling system, perhaps just liquid.

It will be interesting to discuss and do with the renewed calm of a sector in the recovery, the Asian factory-produced semiconductor sector, which will ensure a larger stock of PS5 in the coming months for a gradual return to normal.

PS5 and Xbox Series X.
PS5 and Xbox Series X.

What do you think of the PS5 Slim from DIY Perks and concept Playstation 5 slim Generally? What solutions can Sony adopt? And when will the new model be launched? Let’s talk about.

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