Home science The fifth album “Artonauti” Art and Science was released

The fifth album “Artonauti” Art and Science was released

The fifth album “Artonauti” Art and Science was released

Rome, February 21 (Ascanius) – The fifth album Artonauti, Arte e Scienza – Inventions that changed the world, intended for children, but also for adults of all ages, is on newsstands, with 100 pages and 100 works of art, including mosaics and paintings. Sculptures and architecture, to be created and discovered through 280 sticker objects. The album also contains 14 illustrations that tell the story of the characters drawn by artist Pietro Canepa. The set is enriched with 25 double-deck cards, pairs of double-deck cards to collect to play memory games and learn more about art and science while having fun.

The collection guides the reader on an extraordinary journey through history, to discover the extraordinary works of artists and scholars. Through the special lens of art, the work, inventions and technology are highlighted, the fruit of human ingenuity and creativity that revolutionized history and continues to move the world today – from the pyramids of ancient Egypt, through Brunelleschi's dome, to the invention of the pyramid. Microscope, telescope, and the latest space missions. Along with the astronauts, the heroes of this story are architects, artists and scientists who left their mark on the history of mankind, shaping the reality we know today. From ancient times to modern times, figures such as Imhotep, Polycletus, Leonardo da Vinci, Fibonacci, Brunelleschi, Nadar, and Gaudí remind us that the intersection of science and art is not only possible, but desirable to produce amazing results. The album also broaches the topic of artificial intelligence applications, trying to provoke thought among young readers. In this context, they also find themselves facing a new challenge, between curiosity and fear, which history teaches us is inevitable but at the same time an opportunity to understand and experience. The album also contains some special content, such as a QR code on the cover that links to more information, articles, games, puzzles and quizzes that engage readers in learning through play. To enrich the album, there are also short videos of scientists, architects and artists, offering a more in-depth experience of their work, such as Luca Perri, an expert in astrophysicism, who shares in a clear and engaging way the mysterious properties of the planet. The universe, its planets, and Paola Roccabianca, professor of molecular microbiology at the University of Milan, who guides readers on a journey through extraordinary microscopic images that underscore the complexity of life.
Due to its originality and quality, the project won the 4th edition of the Cariblo Foundation Call for Cultural Innovation and the Piccolo Pluto Prize 2022 as a project distinguished by high pedagogical and educational quality. “With Artonauti it is as if we have brought museums directly into people's hands, bringing them closer to art in a fun way. Art is a language, and it is essential to get used to reading and understanding it. Learning to do this from an early age, using a tool specially designed to make it easier to understand this world, It represents a unique opportunity,” commented Daniela Re and Marco Tatarella, founder of Artonauti.


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