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The release date of the plot and the cast

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Among the new Netflix releases scheduled for the holiday season is “Single forever?” , a new romantic comedy about LGBTQ+ in which Michael Urey will star. The film will tell the story of two ex-boyfriends, now best friends, who will pretend they will be together again at Christmas, but things will not go as they expected. Let’s get acquainted together with the release date, plot and actors.

one forever? Is it new romantic comedy A native Netflix for the topic LGBTQ + Who will tell the story? run out NS nickAnd friends and ex-boyfriends who find themselves having to have a relationship during the Christmas festivities. The movie will debut on the streaming platform December 2, 2021.

The movie is part of the new releases I have planned Netflix for feasts ChristmasIt will be available from early November to 24 December. Among the new titles we find Christmas castleAnd As a Princess: Chasing the Star NS Robin’s name is Patty.

One Forever?: The Conspiracy

Peter (Michael Urey) convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to spend the holidays together by pretending to be in a relationship in a desperate attempt to avoid family ruling that he is forever single. But when his mother (Kathy Najimi) sets him on a blind date with handsome personal trainer James (Luke MacFarlane), his plans fall apart.

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one -2The film hero run out will play before Michael Ori, known for his roles in Ugly Betty, Parteners and Younger, while his former boyfriend and girlfriend nick will play before Philemon Chambers.

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In describing his character, Michael Ori stated that:

“Peter is the kind of uncle who has spent many Christmases perfecting the choreography for Britney Spears’ Christmas song with her nieces. And he is perfect”

The rest of the actors and their characters are:

  • cathy stellar (Chocs) è CarolPeter’s mother.
  • Luke MacFarlane (brothers and sisters) è look, the spinning teacher with whom Carol tries to settle her son;
  • Jennifer College (2Broke Girls) è SandyAunt Peter.
  • Barry Bostwick (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce) è HaroldPeter’s father.
  • Jennifer Robertson (Jenny and Georgia) and Lisa.
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