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Ferrari, you’ve never seen this: it’s completely covered in gold

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This Ferrari You’ve Never Seen, Covered Entirely in Gold, Is Stunning (Web)

Nowadays, social networks accustom us to flaunting the sheer wealth. In fact, everywhere from Instagram and Facebook, we are literally invaded by unattainable lifestyles, influencers with amazing cars, huge houses, and so on. With this Ferrari, though, someone definitely overdid it, and covered it in gold.

Scrolling through posts on social media every day, we can’t help but notice an abundance of posts showcasing really expensive lifestyles. Indeed, it is not possible to understand where all this money comes from and how characters of any type can afford so much luxury.

Obviously a lot of what we see is just a facade but despite this constant bombardment of this kind it ends up giving us a distorted idea of ​​reality. Speaking of cars, we often come across custom models of all kinds and it has to be said that if we can afford them, we will certainly do too.

But with this Ferrari, the owner literally overdid it and we don’t think anyone would be willing to spend a lot of money to customize their car in this way…

So tanned, it is completely covered with gold

The classic color of Ferrari is red as we all know even though the house of Maranello still offers different colors to their car buyers. However, this customization has certainly gone further and in fact we certainly cannot find it in the Ferrari catalog.

First of all, it was the Ferrari 458 of world kickboxing champion Riyad Al-Azzawi who recently embarked on this very special purchase. In fact, his Ferrari was completely covered in gold and the end result is truly amazing.

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Here is Ferrari, the kickboxing world champion (web)

This is clearly not real gold plating. In fact, as many know, the so-called wraps are available on the market, that is, the application of a film of adhesive plastic material that adheres perfectly to the bodywork of our car. For the world champion, the choice fell on a cover complete with gold film.

The cost of customization will surprise many. In fact, the same result can easily be obtained by spending an amount close to 5,000 euros. Considering the cost of a Ferrari 458, this is certainly not an incredible cost, rather it is already contained for the effect that can be obtained.

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