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New release period for Valve portable console –

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steam surface He was postponed until 2022with the new exit period Valve announced it in February 2022, the month Steam and Half-Life will begin shipping the new handheld console.

“The Steam Deck launch will be delayed by two months. We are sorry, we have already done our best to solve global supply chain issues, but due to the scarcity of raw materials, components are not reaching us. Production is in time to meet initial launch dates.”

This is what we read in an official update from Valve about the current state of Steam Deck production, which is clearly suffering, as expected, from the general crisis that has been present for some time in the hardware and semiconductor market.

This isn’t a huge delay, but it will obviously affect the plans of those hoping to get the most promising Valve device in time for Christmas 2021, or at least shortly thereafter. Instead, it would be a matter of waiting until at least February 2022, although obviously we will have to see the potential speed of the console distribution.

“According to our latest estimates, Steam Deck deliveries will begin in February 2022. This will be the new start date for the booking queue. All those who have booked a deck will retain their queue position, but dates will be pushed back by and therefore, booking date estimates will be updated immediately after this Advertising.

We regret that we are unable to meet the originally scheduled shipping date. We will continue to work on improving booking times based on the new schedules and will keep everyone updated in the meantime.”

For updated information also regarding shipping estimates, you can refer to Steam Deck official page on the Steam portal. We’ve recently seen that Deck Verified-compatible games will be validated, and we’ve also gotten to know the hardware better by seeing it decoded in video by Valve.

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