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Purple Hearts: New Netflix Love Movie Review :: Blog on Today

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There are times when some stories, no matter how simple, manage to strike the right strings and conquer everyone else. This is what happens purple heartsThe new Netflix movie that no one ever expected would be a worldwide hit in such a short time. This movie, which has just appeared in the streaming platform’s catalog, also undercuts titles of a certain caliber as Netflix’s latest masterpiece of the top 10 worldwide. hypnotic That first place in the ranking should be correctly and without any discussion. But if the string is like hypnotic It’s so well organized and detailed that for some viewers, it’s like a movie purple hearts If he takes all the segments of the audience because, in his small way, he touches on many social issues which, like them or not, belong to all, first and foremost love.

This movie, however, isn’t just a love movie, it’s a jumble of many hot current issues such as social minority rights, feminism, immigration, America’s health insurance problem, and racism. And if the story is about an arranged marriage between two people who need state services that they can have, in America, only by married couples like health insurance and money, about this basic plot, there are many arguments, and at least for one of these, there is someone sensitive to it.

In addition, to accompany all, there is also a musical theme of A star is born. The protagonist is, in fact, the daughter of immigrants, who has financial problems and non-existent health coverage that does not allow her to cure her diabetes, and also has a passion for music etc. purple hearts It’s also become a bit of a romantic comedy show with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, and it captures that part of the audience that loves the stories of artists trying to break into the music world starting from the bottom of the bar. Plus, there’s a turbulent love story between two completely different people, a rebellious musician, a bartender, and a scheming supernatural marine who enlists in the service of his country from terrorists and wants to prove to his father that he saved himself from his addiction and the game was done.

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Purple Hearts, in and of itself, is unpretentious, to be seen on a light evening where you don’t want to commit too much and want to comfrot a story that you already know how it’s going to end. Suppose that the fact that a feminist insert trying to make the fake military pair less “square” and a racist thread is such a creative thing for a romantic comedy that even if you look closely, it can only come across as “cunning”, in fact, it achieves exactly what it planned.

Rating: 6

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