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The end of “Goon”

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(d) With this article entitled “The End of the Criminal” A new column sponsored by the sports editorial team for V2 Media / Varese News, Designed for ice hockey. Or rather, to hockey culture, thanks to pen and passion Marco Gianatempo Those entrusted with the texts and thanks to the competence and interest in this sport registered on our lands for decades. “At the railing” It will be held every two weeks: the appointment is the afternoon of the first and third (possibly fifth) Monday of each month.

Derek Bogarde He has the smiling face of a classic good American boy, and he's walking towards his school along the white road that cuts two enormous meadows in half, we're in Saskatchewan Canada. His gait is awkward and weighty His weight is 96 kilograms and his height is 193 cm Bring the 46 of shoes But he is only a 15-year-old boy. He walks with his shoulders hunched in, and he does so to be more similar in height to his companions, but making his shadow less pronounced doesn't help. It actually comes Teased regularlyVerbally by some and with fists – on those huge shoulders – by others. He suffers, Keep smilingHe doesn't even hear those shots.

Although it is there One thing makes him angry: When someone attacks one of his friends, he gets angry. It was a spring afternoon: a usual group of these four boys, but this time the target wasn't him, it was him Girlfriend Who stumbled. the guy He falls and cuts his chin: He loses blood and they laugh at him and insult him. Derek intervenesHe doesn't know how to punch but he has such huge and powerful blows that when they reach the target of the four things go badly: one runs away, two stay on the ground but return home on their feet, One ends up in the hospital In fairly serious circumstances as well.

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that it Sherif From the interruption that brought Derek home, who always has that smile and doesn't talk. This time the agent says, “It's okay, he'll take care of everything,” but he tells the parents to do something, because he already takes care of protecting the law.
my dad and mom They know their son's situation and decide they must intervene: a better team sport, where maybe Derek can get off his steam but also make friends. Chose Ice hockeyIt is the only sport practiced in that place. At first he wasn't keen on it, in fact he hated it and stopped continuing. His parents did not force him, but one evening his father took him home Wendell Clark postera professional NHL player also born in Saskatchewan and Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Derek watches him and decides to return to playing, he wants to become like him: a very strong player in the NHL, the captain of the team, and continue the tradition of his small provincial town.

Back to the ice and training Passionately, but it reveals a series of limitations Rather noticeable in skating and puck control. No, he doesn't lack determination, nor does he lack an incredibly good physique. On the ice, in this type of hockey, you always need someone like this, and this He continues to play as a starter. He understands his role and it piles on at the end of the season Many penalty minutes and a handful of assists: Hands reach before skating but the important thing is to keep playing.

The turning point in his career came with a shirt Melfort Mustang: After a fight on the ice Derek literally throws himself In the Opposition bench Hitting all players who come within range and only the overwhelming numerical superiority of the opponents can restrain the player's anger, who is then kicked off the ice. Changes: Shortly after one Regina Pats Scouts He walks up to the stands with his father and wears his classic smile. The Pats are the team you play in Western Hockey LeagueThe man first talks to Bogarde's father, then to him and eventually hires him.

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for them must do What he just saw him do: shake hand. No problem for him, since he has the size and determination, hence the role port He likes it: gold.
He takes his turn Seriously, too muchBecause one time he hit a player so badly that he had very serious complications that stopped his career forever. It's unfortunate that the player It was his mate Part of the team's training after the match…

there Boogaard's popularity grows and he lands in the AHLwhere he finishes the composition physically but here there are people He hits at least as much as he hits himStrong blows and injuries begin to affect his physical condition, and in this period he begins to benefit from them pain killers To continue playing. Last year, before making his NHL debut, he played for a team Houston Eros Collection in 56 matches, 259 penalty minutes. Almost every match ends in a fight, and he often emerges victorious, but suffers in turn Many shots, perhaps too manyespecially on the face.

But you have to resist, and it actually comes to pass The long-awaited call to the NHL it is in 2005 also made its debut In the most competitive hockey tournament on the planet with a team jersey Minnesota Wild. It goes without saying that they need someone to toughen up the team, and he has that role in his blood. for him Physically, but he is very tired: Two back surgeries and countless microfractures force the player to undergo surgery Too many drugsThere are 11 different ones that are “officially” registered, in addition to another series that the player obtains through indirect means. Brother Aaron says: “Thirty pills a day.”the doses that prompt the team to force Bogarde to take them Help for drug addiction At a rehab center in Southern California, it seems to be working. Then something went wrong in his head: Memory loss, dizzinessBut he thinks everything is normal.

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In 2010 Moves to New York RangersHe even scored a few points in the first few games, but he became… Local legend when he smashed Steve McIntyre's nose, who hits hard in that fight, again causing Derek to suffer another concussion. After a few months, it became very difficult Clash with Matt Carkner Which caused him to abandon the slopes, another blow to his chest and a forced stop.
This situation generates a state in the player Chronic depressionWhich causes the hockey player to sink into the abyss: Boogaard now also suffers from this Memory lapses Very frequent due to the blows they suffered. After a few months he tries to return to the rink again. He skates a few meters but collapses on the ice and the club forces him to return to the clinic.
Memory lapses and marked depression, again, mixed with other illnesses that cause it Even that smile disappears Which accompanied him for many years.

And the The end of Boogaard's sporting career, and his poster in a local kid's bedroom will soon be replaced with a poster of a new player. the Derek's heart would stop beating On May 13, 2011 Overdose of alcohol and oxycodone, a drug belonging to the class of opioids. After his death, his family decided so Donate your mind at the Mathematical Heritage Institute at Boston University School of Medicine. After some time, at the end of the study, Dr. Anne McKee will confirm that the player did indeed suffer a heavy injury Degenerative brain condition From chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

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