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Bondino Hockey in Final 4 Super Season Archives – Sports

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HC Bondeno’s competitive season ended with the final 4 of the Coppa Italia. Last weekend, Mr. Brettoni’s boys played two great matches with opponents who are among the best in Italy.

In the semi-finals on Saturday, in front of Argentine champion Ferini Ojeda, the new European Cup winner, Matilde lost one minute from the end, after a great match and lost 5-4. In the other semi-finals, Butterfly Rome beat Amscura Cagliari and goes to the final. Sunday, in the final for third place, against Amikura of Cagliari, another crackling match, with a total of 10 goals and many beautiful plays. A few minutes after the end, Amicora picks up the same, with 5 to 5 ending the match. In the penalty shootout, the Cagliari players have the best and HC Bondeno finishes the Coppa Italia fourth, right at the end of the picture.

In the final match for first place, Ferini Cagliari won the cup in the name of her champion Ojeda, the owner of a double at the Butterfly Court, with a score of 3 to 2.

The season that has just ended is a great one, with the boys of Mr. Brettoni, authors of important victories and tremendous growth from September to today. And results that see the achievement of the A1 indoor series, the indoor under-21 championship, promotion to the new Elite Prato series and the fourth final of the Coppa Italia. In addition, all the awareness gained with league and cup victories against famous and experienced teams such as Bra, Amsicora, Bologna, Valchisone and Ferrini.

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