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The death of a Belarusian minister. Poisoning raised in Kyiv –

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From Lorenzo Cremona

Maki (foreigner) suddenly disappeared. Moscow: Shock. Relations with Putin, not to send soldiers, is Lukashenko in danger too?

From our correspondent
Pusha –

What site Russian President Vladimir Putin on the throne of Moscow Both today More fragile than before the invasion of Ukraine Nine months ago it is now known. failures of his army Against the firm will to resist the Ukrainian people, in addition to the clear superiority in weapons provided by NATO, earned him criticism even among his closest allies. Therefore, it is not surprising that even countries linked to military cooperation agreements with Moscow have doubts and misgivings about the stability of those relations. Ukraine is resisting militarily Meanwhile, he compares the “war crimes” of the Russians, including recent attacks on civilian infrastructure, to the great famine caused by Stalin’s repression in the early 1930s. Yesterday, the 90th anniversary of that event in Kyiv was greeted with the solidarity of a large part of the international community. In this context, the suspicious reactions that accompanied yesterday were included The news of the sudden death of Vladimir Makeithe 64-year-old foreign minister of Belarus who is linked to President Alexander Lukashenko.

The meeting will not take place

Mackey died while in Yerevan for a conference of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which brings together former Soviet states allied with Russia. He was supposed to meet tomorrow with the Russian Foreign Minister. Sergey Lavrov. Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Zakharova immediately expressed her government’s condolences (“we are shocked”).

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Minister and Tsar

But in the course of the news, the death of the minister became a test of the political and military tensions in the Russian camp. Makei was, until his appointment as Minsk’s foreign minister in 2012, Lukashenko’s chief of staff and had wholeheartedly supported the alliance with Putin. However, over the years, he has tried to open up to the European Union. Just at the time of the 2020 presidential election, when the Belarusian people took to the streets to demonstrate against fraud and demand Lukashenko’s resignation, Mackie sided with the dictator and begged Putin to send soldiers And armored cars to quell riots. When, in the fall of 2021, the Tsar asked Belarus to ensure the entry of Russian units and missiles into its territory, Mackie interpreted the green light to Lukashenko, insisting that Minsk would not send its soldiers.

Suspicions of poisoning

Since then, Putin has been calling for Belarus to enter the war to open a new front along the Polish border. But Lukashenko appears to be fighting back. So what was Maki Poisoned by Putin’s agents To send a warning to the boss? In this sense Twitter goes from Anton GerashchenkoHe is a well-known adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior who raises sugar’s “suspicions”, and asserts that the minister was one of the few who could “resist Moscow’s pressure”. A few hours before the news of his death, the Ukrainian media appealed to the allegations of the American think tank Robert Lansing, according to which Putin could eliminate or intimidate Lukashenko.

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