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“The climate apocalypse is near now. It will be difficult but we can do it »-

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from Luigi Ippolito

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson opened the conference with exciting words. But the naturalist Attenborough: ‘I see a rebirth’

From the Glasgow Report it’s like a James Bond movie: Unfortunately we’re not in the cinema. in the opening policeman 26Compare Boris Johnson the climate emergency To the “end of the world device” 007 shall defuse: He pleaded Leaders Gathering in Glasgow because “Defusing the Climate Change Bomb”. “The tragedy – as the British Prime Minister said – is that this is not a movie and the instrument of the apocalypse is real. The clock is ticking to the violent rhythm of hundreds of billions of pistons, furnaces and engines that We’re pumping carbon into the air faster and faster.”. With The current growth of global warmingJohnson warned that entire cities such as Miami, Shanghai and Alexandria would be “lost under the waves”. In the event of failure, future generations will not forgive us: “The children who will judge us are not yet born – continued the Prime Minister -. And they will judge us with a bitterness and resentment that would surpass any activist today. And they would be right.” But all is not lost, according to Boris, agreement for Emission reduction can still: “Yes, it will be difficult, but we can do it.”

On the other hand, the British Prime Minister did not give up even before he started: sure, this COP starts up, but Johnson is betting on it It has a great deal of international credibility. And so in the end, it will be necessary to say that you have achieved something in some way. But the most dramatic remarks in the opening afternoon came from Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General: We dig our own gravesstage, interspersed. And Failed in Glasgow It would be a “death sentence” for millions of people. And so Prince Charles warned that we must “stand on the grounds of war”: by comparing the environmental emergency to Covid, he argued that Climate change and biodiversity loss are no different: On the contrary, they represent a greater existential threat.”

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The speech that struck the emotional strings may have been David Attenborough’s: His words were accompanied by video clips and music, to underscore the consequences of global warming. Nature is wary of it Life on Earth is made possible by stable temperatures: But now that balance is being compromised by human activity. However, 95-year-old Sir David concluded on an optimistic note: “In my life I have experienced a terrible decline: in your life you can and should see a wonderful recovery.”

The one who had to recover quickly was US President Joe Biden: he seemed to fall asleep during his inaugural addresses for half a minute, until his aide whispered something in his ear. After he recovered, Biden remembered that The “eyes of history” will focus on world leaders if they fail.

Prime Minister Draghi concluded the round of words: he stressed the urgency of the moment and claimed that the results obtained in the G-20 had just ended in Rome. And here we witnessed a kind of party game between the British and the Italians, who also organized the Glasgow event together: if the latter insisted on concrete work done so far, that they consider Cop26 to be more than just a showcase, Johnson downplayed the results of the Romanian summit, so that credit can be added to each step forward.

Two weeks of negotiations are now opening, in the atmosphere of a great event marred by several initial organizational problems, such as kilometer-long queues at entrances prey to harsh Scottish weather. All this is under the watchful eye of tens of thousands of activists, They gathered in Glasgow under the leadership of Greta Thunberg, who would surely make their voices heard.

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