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Cultural program of Spazio Virale – Vita Web TV

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by Simona Costanzo

“A city suitable for young people” is the goal that drives the association “viral space”active in the Santarpino region.
Several points were made in the cultural program launched by the association as a result of extensive comparisons and surveys about the needs of young people.
Among the points is the distribution of the Student Card, which can be ordered free of charge and take advantage of discounts at affiliated points of sale (including Cinema Lendi, Bar pina, Mattiello optics, “La Terrazza” sports center, etc.)

More than 700 cards have been delivered so far, and they represent an action born as a support for students and an impetus for the local trade and productive activities of Sant’Arpino. (For any requests and information call 1076 377404).

Another programmatic goal is to create a “mobile library”, a place to donate books with the aim of sharing solidarity.

Finally, the program hopes, in a synergistic collaboration with the administrative apparatus, to enhance the efficiency and functionality of the Municipal Library.

“We need to ensure and stimulate youth participation in society and restore the confidence of the new generations in the region and in their city,” he comments. Rocco CapassoPresident of Spazio Viralli, “in the hope,” he continues, “to be able to count on the maximum support of the institutional apparatus.”

The future belongs to the youth, and real politics belongs to those who act, who create, who realize. Real politics does not stand on speeches, on the relentless and idle search for vision, knowledge and numbers, but rather on the ability to implement, to change things tangibly.
As long as there are young people willing to believe and rise, change will be possible.

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