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Access to the Lido and first impressions [VIDEO]

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Yesterday, Wednesday, August 30, the 80th edition of Venice International Film Festival, Which opened with an examination Leader to Eduardo De Angeliswith Pierfrancesco Favino (Here is our review of the film.) Like all the years the best movie He will be present at Lido accompanied by his special envoy: every day, Zero limestone He will be the protagonist “Zerocalcare Pills from Venice 80”where the Romanian cartoonist will briefly comment on the exhibition’s performances, meetings and events, all from his unambiguous point of view.

The first to “Zerocalcare pills” Dedicated to reaching Lido and in First impressions of the first day From Venice 80, plus a preview Leader. You can see it below:

“I’m happier because all the Covid restrictions are no longer in place.”The cartoonist noted, “But I’m a little less happy because I found the kids who did all those things, like sleeping in front of the red carpet to wait for the stars, so colorful. This year, because of the strike, there are no stars, so there are no children either, which is a bit sad.”

It will be possible to follow Zero Calcare pillsplus reviews, updates, galleries and comments from Venezia 80, Every day on our social channels Instagram And Facebook.

The exhibition will continue until September 9: by clicking here you will find all the titles participating in the competition, which includes the most anticipated films incl Perfects to Bradley Cooper, Priscilla to Sofia Coppola, the killer to David Fincher, I’m the captain to Matteo Garrone, Ennis to Peter Castellitto, bad things to Yorgos Lanthimos, Ferrari to Michael Mann, slowly to Stefano Sollima And much more.

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