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The Campulla Brothers from Ghost Padova to Diavoli Vicenza

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Among the new faces of MAC Control Diavoli Vicenza License plate 2022-2023, there are the Campola brothers, Francesco and Lorenzo Campola, born respectively in 2000, the “old”, and born in 2005, the young, two talents born and raised in Padua, already in the national team, arrived at the home of Diavoli after being abandoned About registration in the championship team biancoscudata.
“It was a bit unexpected,” says Francesco Campola. “Due to the club’s problems in Padova, we had contact with Andrea Delfino (the bomber and sporting director of the Devils) and seized the opportunity to join a strong team with great ambitions.”
Lorenzo Campola is only 17 years old, and for him, this is part of the group in which he will be the youngest: “It will be a new experience – he says -, even if with the World Cup that was held this summer I am a little accustomed to the ‘adult’ world, I already know a lot of them so they welcomed me very well and I am happy.”
A group where everyone knows each other for international experiences and matches as competitors in the last tournament. And in Vicenza by the Campola brothers, there are elements of great experience from which young people can learn a lot.
“There are many elements to learn from, notably Sigmund, a player of the highest caliber and a lot of experience – says Francesco Campola – and then Tobia Vendram, and Andrea Delfino, who were, and will be, reference points for Italian hockey and there will certainly be a lot to learn.”

The Campula team in Vicenza expects to grow a lot and win
And we come to the expectations placed on the season in Vicenza. “Personally, says Francesco, I expect to have the opportunity to grow a lot and every training session will be a good test with a lot of good players. At the team level, the goal is to do our best and win some titles.”
For Lorenzo too, it is important to grow: “Having the opportunity to train with certain champions is really a bonus for me because being with players like Nathan, Tobia, Andrea and the others is an important step forward. As far as the team is concerned, the main objective is to win.”

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Padua regained the title of the ultimate championship
“It is really unfortunate from Padua’s point of view, but for all hockey – confirms Francesco Campola, referring to the crisis that forced the Ghosts not to score in the Premier League -. I have seen messages from many clubs, from many players regretting Padova’s resignation. Unfortunately, it was not possible to form the team, but it is not certain that in a few years they will not return with new youth, with new recruits.In the meantime, they will continue to work with youth teams and who knows that Padova can return to the first division However, we are very happy to be here and we are going to make the Devils win.”

Calling Vicentini fans
“I ask the fans to support the whole team from the beginning of the season even if there are some difficulties, to always be close to the team and to make their support feel,” says Lorenzo Capola.

Will there be a DUEL between VICENZA and MILAN also this year?
Compared to the most fierce contender for victory according to Francesco Campola, the situation is likely to be repeated last year, that is, with Vicenza and Milan leading the championship until the end. “It’s probably like that on paper, but games have to be played,” says Francesco. There are other teams that have strengthened and will definitely do everything to put a voice in the wheel and try to win. Then both Milan and Vicenza will have very good champions so they are likely to be the queens of the tournament again.”

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