October 3, 2023

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Sweden-Belgium 1-0, Linda Sembrant at Cesarini is crucial – OA Sport

Sweden-Belgium 1-0, Linda Sembrant at Cesarini is crucial – OA Sport

Mission accomplished for Sweden, who competed in the quarter-finals of the 2022 European Women’s Football Championship. Scandinavians, on the green rectangle of Lee Sports Villagebent hard resistance of the Belgium Thanks to a goal in the 92nd minuteI’m Linda Cimbrandt. So, in the middle of the Cesarini area, the Swedes reach the semi-finals where they will face my hostsEngland.

Gerhardsson shoots 4-3-3 with Lindall; Ilestedt, Sembrant, Eriksson, Nilden; Engeldahl, Aslani, Bjorn; Rytting Kaneryd, Blackstenlus, Roelfo. Belgium responds in a mirror: Everard. Delos, Case; de ​​Neve, Feltgens; Plissman, Vanhevemite, Minert; Cayman, de Calgney, and Walart. After an initial stage of study, it is the Swedes who lead the dances. At 14′ Evard’s superb header save from Ilestedt and Belgium goalkeeper Blackstenius not ready to set.

The goal arrives in the 25th minuteA fatal mistake by the Belgian goalkeeper and the aforementioned Blacksteinus flies towards the goal and achieves. However, the VAR overrules everything Which cancels out Sweden’s 11th offside. Towards the end of the first stage, a Cayman appears near Lindahl, but it doesn’t worry her too much.

In the second half, the Swedes attacked with their heads low And first Roelfo and then Aslani are close to the target, but Everr is very good at saving. In 73′ always the Belgian goalkeeper the protagonist: a free kick from Aslani and Blacksteinus again tries to hit the net, but the goal does not reach. Minutes pass and madness grows among the Swedes. In the second minute of recovery, when developing a corner kick, a very confusing action is resolved by Sembrant giving the winning goal to his team.

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Photo: La Presse