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In the hockey line, Scomed Bomporto against Invicta Skate from Modena – SulPanaro

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POMPORTO – On Monday 7 March, the U-16 Regional Championship match was held in Bomborto, in the new sports center: Scomed Bomportos faced the Modenese of the same class as the Invicta Skate.

It was a tough match in which neither of the two streets on the field gave up.

Only at the end of the second half was the Bombortesi team able to break the deadlock, and finally closed in the second half.

Scomed Bomporto, after this meeting, continues to maintain the center-table position: which is the set goal for this season.

This is today’s result:

Scomed Bomporto – Invicta Skate 5-0 (For Scomed Targets: 2 Orru, Rebecchi, Bergamini F. Bergamini A.)

Scomed Bomborto 16 formation: Bergamini A, Tomasini, Corazzari E., Cipriano, Corazzari R., Rebecchi, Idrizosky, Bergamini F., Tarantola, Musso, Orrù, Parmeggiani.

Coach – Hall

Director- Bergamini M.

in the picture: Scomed Bomporto and Invicta skate at the end of the match

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