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The biggest soccer star

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The career of the Argentine and Napoli hero who died at the age of 60: the rollercoaster ups and downs of a man who could not live a normal life

when Diego Maradona Born October 30, 1960 in Policlinico Evita Hospital From Lanus – Baires district – from Diego Senior, Carpenter of the Guaraní ethnic group, h Delma Salvadora Franco Partially of Italian origin, he wrote Gianni Mora That “The Zodiacs, the magicians of Lanus, who read the future for a little money, saw stars in the puddles in front of the hospital, and spoke of them. A bright path to the carpenter’s son. The magicians would have immediately disposed of the dirty water, but the puddles would return in his way, so that they besieged his heart, And they shortened his life, and tore his train from stars“.

Death at the age of sixty after long agony

life that Maradona Closed November 25, 2020, for a Cardiac arrest After a long suffering, at the age of sixty in a rented house in the neighborhood San Andreas, In Benavudez, in Tigre. As he had arrived 15 days before the end of the operation for a subdural hematoma in the head. author of a book God’s hand To England – a hand goal in the quarter-finals world Cup 1986 in Mexico – but also in the goal of the century, again against the English in the same match, after eliminating 5 players in addition to the goalkeeper, Pele is considered the best footballer of all time or even more so. Sixty years of somersaults, goals, falls, ascents, victories, tears, drugs, physical decay, rebirth, love, children and many lives in one, albeit short Pibe de oro, as he was nicknamed as a child.

Source: ANSA

An intense close-up of Diego Maradona, considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time

Few victories, but special and unforgettable

Being the strongest of all Maradona in his career, he won relatively little. Party in “cebollitas” – young people – fromArgentine JuniorsHe made his debut on October 20, 1976 vs Talleristen days before he turned 16 – the youngest ever to make his debut in the Argentine league, a record he later broke. Sergio Aguerowho then also became his son-in-law – he actually became Maradona In the boca juniors, Then in Europe he played at Barcelonain Naples and Seville before ending his career as a footballer in Newell’s Old Boys.

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With the Argentine national team participated in it Four World Cups (1982, 1986, 1990 and 1994), Winning the 1986 tournament as champion And I got second place in the year 90 in Italy. with the Boat He only won the King’s Cup once, and the La Liga Cup once Naples Two championships (the first historical in 1987 and 1990), the UEFA Cup (1989), the Italian Cup (1987) and the Italian Super Cup (1990). He wasn’t able to lift the Ballon d’Or because until 1994 the award was forbidden to non-Europeans but in 1995 he won Golden Ball for a lifetime achievement. In 2012 he was awarded the Footballer of the Century award.

Targets, spells, leader spirit

What the bulletin board does not say Maradona It’s the magic that takes place on the pitch that even numbers can’t explain – between club, senior national team and U-20 national team. Maradona He played 695 matches and scored 353 goals, an average of 0.51 goals per game. There is a very old black and white interview when Maradona was a boy prodigy. Diego He frankly reveals: “mi sueno es jugar el mundial, y el segundo salìr campeon”. Dreams come true but with this much more than that.

phenomenon inU19 Argentina with Ramon Diazalready Pibe de oro when in 1978 Menotti did not call him up for the World Cup in Argentina – but immediately after that he did call him up and Diego scored a great goal in the 79 friendly.Albicelesteal And the rest of the world – the absolute star A.S Barcelonabeing hampered by hepatitis and severely injured after a fatal foul GoikoetxeaIn Naples, Maradona dedicates himself as a true rock star and eternal hero.

Source: loop

Maradona salutes, with his arms open and outstretched, to the fans

Maradona and Napoli, a deep and toxic love

when Maradona – Bought for just over 12 billion lire from Barcelona after grueling negotiations – I got out of the tunnel Saint Paul On July 5, 1984, his birthday an offer In Naples, he is already promised eternal love. Good evening, Neapolitan, I am very happy to be here. He doesn’t have time to say anything else from the circle in midfield as a platoon of paparazzi surrounds him, the audience that has come especially to see him explode roar: a thousand lire for the curve, two thousand for the features and three thousand for the stands. Diego He takes the ball, starts dribbling: right-left, right-left, and the ball is in the sky. the sky is blue More than ever that summer afternoon. It will remain seven years of victories and goals but also love Toxic, from the endless pressure and tensions with society. Only with his teammates will he have infinite passionwhich remains.

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He has become a symbol of Southern redemption against the excessive power of the elders, he acts as chief, as leader, as king in a city that identifies itself in all respects with those black braids and that imaginary left-hander. Make history with the first Scudetto for Napoli in 1987, followed by the Coppa Italia, UEFA Cup In the legendary final with the Minor StuttgartAnother tournament in ’90, the Venom Championship Milan to bags by Alemao coin And a suspicious victory at a table in Pisa, and the Super Cup, with Juventus’ crushing victory 5-1, but it is the last flower of his contract.

After trying to escape from prison-Naples for two years (“Ferlino He said) He, my lord, my jailer “becomes more and more a victim of cocaine. In March 1991, he was found positive in an anti-doping test and left Naples alone at night. Arrived as king, he went like a thief after taking Napoli to the top of the world.

Source: loop

Drug addiction, a battle never won

Cocaine entered his life early, indeed Barcelona. But it is a Naples that Diego He became permanently addicted to drugs, to the point where in his final year in the blue he rarely showed up for training. The comrades had to call him home, to A.’s house Via Scipio CapeceThey often found him in bed, unable to get up.

fighting with drugs It would last almost a lifetime and he himself admitted everything later but also with alcohol it was a war. His heart became like the heart of a bull, he gained 50-60 kilos – resolved with the help of gastric bypass – he almost died seriously 2-3 times, miraculously saved in the hospital, then another fatal blow with responsibilities that were not ascertained by doctors and those close to him .

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The big Pibe de Oro family

Diego Maradona He has always been very close to his parents. He was the fifth of eight children: five sisters, four of whom were older: Maria Rosa, Rita, Elsa, Anna Maria and Claudia; Plus two brothers Hugo – He died on December 28, 2021 of a heart attack in the governorate Naples Where he lived – e Raoul said Lalo, who is also a soccer player.

Two daughters always recognized, DelmaBorn in 87 AH Ioanninaborn in 89, was from his first wife Claudia Villafinimarried in a wedding that caused a sensation in Argentina, where he wanted all the Neapolitan friends and all his colleagues, on November 7, 1989 and from which he divorced in 2004, then Diego Armando Maradona Jr He was born on September 20, 1986 from his relationship with the Neapolitan Christiana Sinagra, and Maradona only recognized him in 2007 after a long legal battle, reaped (1996), which had something to do with it Valeria Sabalin And Diego Fernando (2013), born from the relationship with Veronica Ojeda. When Pip died, an inheritance struggle broke out between the sisters, legitimate and illegitimate children, and close friends.

Source: loop

Diego Maradona bombing in the Argentina shirt

Maradona Coach: Many bumps and few joys

As a coach, on October 28, 2008, he was appointed as the new coach of Argentina, succeeding Alfio Basile: he qualified for the World Cup in South Africa in the last round, beating Uruguay 1-0. in South AfricaAfter a convincing start thanks to four straight wins, he was infamously knocked out by Germany in the fourth quarter (4-0) and excused from training.

In 2011 he became the coach of Al Wasl club in Dubai. Later in 2017, after a five-year break, he coached Al-Fujairah in the second division of the United Arab Emirates, in 2018 he was announced as the new coach of Dorados but he soon resigned due to health reasons. On September 5, 2019, he was appointed head coach gym which was his last club. After his death Argentina And Naples has been united in memory of a common idol, between dedications (including the Stadio San Paolo that became Maradona), murals and celebrations.

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