Home sport Catanzaro Calcio, Here Vivarini, a long-term project. Password, restart

Catanzaro Calcio, Here Vivarini, a long-term project. Password, restart

Catanzaro Calcio, Here Vivarini, a long-term project.  Password, restart

Restart as a common denominator, as a common desire. This is the key word in the basis of the marriage signed yesterday between Catanzaro and Vincenzo Vivarini, He also reaffirmed today during the introductory press conference held at the headquarters in Via Gioacchino da Fiore. On the one hand, the club – represented by Diggì Foresti and diesse fur, not from absent chief Noto – in search of a way to rebalance a badly-born season and dictate the start of a new two-year project; The new technician, on the other hand, is back in the running after Chiavari’s unlucky break with Entella, and is ready to get back in the game.

November 2021
November 2021

‘Painful decision’ – “If we’re here, it’s because something didn’t work – Foresty’s frank opening words – in these situations the coach always pushes, but the team knows that the moment of responsibility has come and everyone should feel involved.” Part of the gist of yesterday’s speech in the president’s locker room – a “constructive confrontation” as Al-Haffar defined it – sounded somewhat like an ultimatum to the group. “There is little time and we know where we went wrong – director’s analysis – it was a difficult decision and Calabro must be thanked for the excellent work he did: we wanted to hit rock bottom with him but it wasn’t possible, Vivarini’s era begins today”. An era that promises not to be easy, with The prospects ahead are a little different than those of last June. “Let’s not look at Barry – the message – let’s make our championship think Sunday after Sunday. We certainly didn’t expect to be far from the top but so be it: the property has shown it wants to fix things by picking these employees.” Now you have to reset everything, and bury the hatchet because even the frictions of recent days have hurt the band.”

“my suggestion” They certainly didn’t help clear the air and make choices in the most obvious way. “There were three coaches with a similar profile – in the words of Deisci Pelliccione – all three veterans from the Championships in Class B and they all had the characteristics we were looking for. Vivarini was my suggestion: he is a coach who does a few words and a lot of facts. We faced each other and picked him up straight away.”

‘Long term project’ – Instant investment, closing the deal a little lower. “Catanzaro is a thriving arena in the world of football and that gives a lot of motivator – the coach’s first words at the Giallorossi – me and our staff are angry, ready and focused on a good performance.” The first meeting with the team was held this morning with the training session in Simery.

“I found a turbulent group–confess–the changing of the driver on the seat always disturbed the thought. I told the boys that more self-esteem is needed, that it’s not all negative, that there are also values ​​but on an individual level we can and should give more. We need to understand what made it less: is the nature of the problem mental, physical, environmental or tactical.” In short, a nice headache that should be resolved soon because the calendar already presents an important crossover.

“We have to buy time and actually score against Foggia – the opinion of Vivarini, who intends to move forward step by step – now the stage of the study opens and we must use it to understand how and where to intervene. The project with the club is also long-term because the league is difficult and there are other arenas that are better equipped. I have been asked to make the team grow, not to win the championship – the message – somewhat the same as Barry’s conditions: I do my best right away, next year try to do better.” In the meantime, leave again, and then you will understand where the trip will take with the engine running.


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