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The best ways to preserve wine and other beverages – Spazio alle Imprese

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Refrigerated beverage display cases are the perfect way to keep your wine and other beverages looking their best

Refrigerated display cases for beverages (see Available models) an excellent solution for the best preservation of beverages and liquids in general, thanks to a constant and controlled temperature. These showcases are available in different shapes, sizes and designs, suitable to meet any need. In this article, we will talk about the best ways to use refrigerated display cases for beverages, in order to preserve wine or other beverages in the best way.

The ideal temperature for storing wine can be estimated between 55-58°F (12.8-14.4°C), while other beverages, such as beer, should be stored at a lower temperature, we can say around 45-48°F (7.2-8.9°C). ). Rising temperatures can affect the flavor and texture of your drink, so it’s important to keep your beverage display cases at the right temperature to ensure an optimal experience.

In addition, many beverage displays feature adjustable shelves that allow you to rearrange your beverage stock to suit your individual needs, from light beer to heavy red wine. This ensures that each beverage remains in optimal storage conditions for as long as possible.

beverage temperature

When it comes to storing drinks, the first factor to consider is temperature. Most wines should be stored in a cool, dry place to stay fresh and preserve their characteristics and flavour. Refrigerated beverage display cases maintain a constant temperature allowing wine and other beverages to be maintained at an optimal level, regardless of the type of beverage.

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air circulation

The second factor to consider is air circulation.

The beverage display case provides better air circulation thanks to its ventilation system, which helps keep beverages cool without negatively affecting their flavor or texture. This ensures that the drinks remain of the best possible quality while stored in the wine cabinet.

Another advantage of refrigerated beverage display cases is that they allow drinks to be organized and stored in an organized manner. This reduces the time it takes to find a drink and makes it easier to control drink stocks.

Shop window lighting

Finally, beverage tanks also provide better lighting conditions than traditional beverage coolers. Display cases are lit with soft lights that do not overwhelm or damage the drinks inside. This ensures that the drinks retain their best appearance even after long storage periods.

Refrigerated beverage display cases are the ideal way to best store wine and other beverages, thanks to temperature control, air circulation capabilities, and improved light conditions that help prevent beverages from spoiling or becoming stale over time. By keeping these tips in mind, you can rest assured that your beverage storage is always efficient and effective.

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