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Messina, Giostra’s ‘flea market’ reopens: space for books too

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It was one of the places where there was often a tug of war between the administration and, in a very broad sense, among the merchants. An orational sermon also led to the prolonged shutdown and more controversy over Palazzo Zanca’s radical decision. Now, this market, Giostra “flea market”, can reopen. This was decided by the Ministry of Commerce led by Daphne Mussolino Who wrote yesterday to the Director of Services for Individuals and Businesses to reactivate the Sunday space for manual use. And this is already starting from next Sunday.
It was March of last year when the case broke out. The protagonists were the agents of the municipal police who, after a series of checks (some until dawn on Sunday when the entry and exit of the merchants began) how some street vendors were selling goods of dubious origin, sometimes collected in waste and in any case without a certificate of origin . Even in February last year, a motorcycle was found on display, which later turned out to be stolen. At that point, good notifications were sent to sellers who, however, did not have a large number of followers because the situation remained more or less the same until the beginning of March, when, by order, market activity was suspended for after Sundays.

Read the full article in the print edition of the Gazzetta del Sud – Messina

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