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The anti-soccer trainer is the best off in horse racing

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Football is not just a theory, life is not. One and the other, according to Allegri’s unit, practical.

Practical, pragmatic (“the show takes place in a circus”), pompous, rough and basic as his game and verses Eugenio Montale, conservative on the court and progressive outside, irritable (in his parts they say fumantino), arrogant (even that should be left a minute before the game is over because He has already understood everything …), Shady, Allegri but not too much, calm even when he is judged to win, Massimiliano Allegri, labronico of red mullet, anchovies and cachuco, stubborn and proud, he is a nice guy who does everything not to be. And always with a narrow smile, like a midfield blade. A personality at the heart of football, a man of character and a successful coach, Count Max, born from a working-class family and a red family, in the very red quarter of communist Livorno, is used to not feeling loved.

One. Allegri was never loved by the fans: Milan fans did not fall in love with him, Juventus blamed him for his successes (“Vince yes, but he doesn’t play well”) and as soon as he started losing the gates open to the haters, he saw social media under the heading “Allegri”.

two. Presidents and corporations have never considered him irreplaceable. At first Berlusconi doubted him: he thought he was a communist, then he began to say that “he doesn’t understand …”; Apart from the iron friendship with Andrea Agnelli, there is no old and contemporary Juventus manager with whom he has been associated: neither Nedved, nor Arrivabene, nor Paratici, nor Calvo …

three. He never even linked himself to the players (“And they want to play for Juventus?”). As the sly ones point out, when he scores, they never run toward him, but rather cuddle back up. Allegri is accepted and respected, but not liked. Average Score: High. Sympathy: none.

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Zero tactics and a lot of intuition – «I still have to find the person who explains the usefulness of the scheme to me» -, already a mediocre player without remorse, first an attacking midfielder, then a low midfielder with great self-esteem, Massimiliano Allegri is a good coach But it’s anachronistic, in the opposite direction to all modern theories, numbers, tablets, algorithms, statistics, modules (“Oh… what’s it worth?” Goo or nothing.”) Not because it’s moving the line of play backwards, Massimiliano Laretrato said. But precisely because it is outdated, it does not study, it never updates, and above all it has not grasped the change that came after Covid, Allegri has his strength in ingenious inventions, dazzled by confidence in the genius of the players.But if in the end it is the creativity of the individual who Solves the game – Question – What is the use of a coach who earns seven million euros a year plus a couple of bonuses linked to the results? Cult phrase: «Football is very simple: to win you have to do both phases well, defend and attack».Allegretto, Allegro moderato, Allegro, Vivace, Vivo, Vivacissimo, Allegrissimo.

Allegri 1.0 very good, Allegri 2.0 – as they say in Livorno, Minestra riscardata ‘n fu ma’ bona – very bad.

Then, of course: Massimiliano Allegri is good at managing the human resources provided by the company he works for (hence the insult to “company” or worse, “manager”: meaning he does what he can with what he has). Mr. Allegri’s stellar career (six championships, five in a row, trophies, cups and two major wins) speaks for itself, and Chapeau’s. But as a coach he remains the standard-bearer of last year’s football, carried by someone who played in the street (and in Gabione on the Livorno beach of course: and in fact in the little concrete cemetery, without blueprints, he won all the trophies…), the standard-bearer of the “inquisitors” Against the “players of the game,” the person who at a game with Mr. No’s comment shouted out the cliché as it is painful: “Roll the ball until you find a hole.” I guess someone like Arigo Saki can’t see it.

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“It takes some help.”

Allegri, who was too quiet to play a certain kind of football, is probably missing one thing – Carlitos Tevez wasted once after a simple substitution, attacking without fear or tact, that’s courage. “Cagooooooon!” And all the rules were broken on Allegri’s side coat.

Massimiliano Allegri Rules. “Those who are lame… kicks in the legs.” If you meet Luciano Spalletti, strike first, strike twice. Never argue with Lele Adani. Do not trust the promises of youth. If you really have to throw one in battle, throw a Mandukic in it. Never leave the comfort zone of Turin, a bit like Livorno, where you can roam undisturbed (doubt: is the story that Real Madrid were turned down the seat true?). When you have a technical or existential problem, go and chat with friends at Bar Ogi, between the sea of ​​Livorno and childhood memories. And if hesitation doesn’t pass, no problem: four men in line and a solid midfield to back up the game. #fiuuuu

Football in the end, like all imperfect sciences, is just a matter of perspectives. We are talking about Juventus and Allegri, and you can say: a) third place on the field, semi-finals of the Italian Cup, semi-finals of the Europa League. Or: b) spent 700 million to finish seventh in the standings, from the Champions League groups, outside the European League, outside the Italian Cup.

Unable to leave Italy (internationally he is a ghost), incurable province (quattro mauri, walls, sea and moorings), but cosmopolitan, someone who appreciates the wines of Piedmont in gaga, the Tuscan reds, the blondes of the south or the north is the same, tired of figs * (Foguni, Wives, Sweethearts, Amorazi, Photographers, when they called him Umbro, anyway they always said it was Katakaze * from Serie A), very sensitive (has a taste for jokes but can’t stand what’s going on around him), a knight of the era early, very high income and more or less expenses (houses, groceries, restaurants, paintings, thoroughbred, in the end he is someone who enjoys it) and above all a lover of solitude, Massimiliano Allegri, a lonely man in driving, today he is no longer even in driving, more than Coach is the master of life.

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“Short muzzle”. creative chaos. Minnesota horse. “Words are carried by the wind, and bicycles are by the Livornese”. “You either have magic or you don’t buy it at the supermarket.” But above all: “In life there are categories: there are players who win and lose the Champions League, players who win trophies and are relegated, coaches who win or not, and if someone never wins, there will be a reason.”

So much certainty, only one doubt: Now that the story of the hopeful ex-young man with the old lady risks death–oh my god! Alighier! / Oh Big Lumet! Oh the laces – if Massimiliano Allegri goes to the market, who will take him? Dear Max, you must be careful. As you once said: “The horses that win after a while are sent to the meadow to rest.”

Or on the beaches of Livorno.

But don’t worry, mister. Always remember this. “Football is just a stupid game for smart people.”

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