Home sport HCMV Varese Hockey, Marcello Borghi is still among the Mastiff

HCMV Varese Hockey, Marcello Borghi is still among the Mastiff

HCMV Varese Hockey, Marcello Borghi is still among the Mastiff

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Many were waiting for a signature Marcello BorghiWhich arrived in the last few hours. An important confirmation of a player who was able to give so much to a cause Mastifffrom a human and statistical point of view.

for him hanging on to the shirt Giallonera has shown this on several occasions and even when things are not going well, he has always been present and active on the ice, all the way.

“Marcy” is someone who does not give up anything and is always ready, even when there is a mountain that seems impossible to climb, as in the recent quarter-final against the champions of Unterland, during which he scored goals and assisted with consistency and excellent technique, which gave hope For many Varese fans.

The new project by HCMV managed once again to involve Borghiwho, like many of his old and new teammates, joined in his usual desire to start snowboarding as quickly as possible.

has one Basic confirmation Not only to give continuity to the understanding he himself has with many of the yellow and black players, but also to his commitment and personality in the locker room.

Also, for him there The fourth season in a row with the yellow and black jersey, after returning under Albany vaulted in 2019. During the last tournament, the 29-year-old Gialoneiro scored a total of 23 goals and 18 assists, for a total of 41 points in 31 games, a loot that many would envy. Who hopes to get richer next season.

Continuing performance will be a decisive key to the season for the Gialonera team, and what is required is to improve this aspect compared to the recent past and his experience with Marcelo Borghi who is still in the team is definitely one of the Extra incentive for everyonealso because its performance, when it gains height, can guarantee a steady contribution for a long time, both in terms of play and points.

Also for Marcello Borghi, this new experience among mastiffs represents an essential intersection with a special flavour, as it will mark a return to the Varese ice rink, the place where he himself began his hockey activity.


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