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Field Hockey: Lorenzoni takes part in Super Cup in Genoa

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The last seasonal commitment of Lorenzoni’s season was the Super Cup competition included in the framework of the European City of Sport 2024 events.

Predisi President Calonico, as holder of the 24th Italian Cup, found himself facing the athletes of Amsikura Cagliari, the current Italian champions, in a match between the two biggest Italian clubs. Therefore, it was an interesting challenge: in this season, the fourth between the championship and the cup, the Cagliari teams managed to win only once while the results of the other teams were quite equal.

At the new Genoa stadium, Perino’s coach Lorenzoni started strongly, but conceded a goal in the first half that was immediately equalized by a counterattack from Pilar De Biasi who doubled the score shortly after winning a penalty. The game developed with constant changes up front and after a short corner the team equalized. The Braides were not there and Sabrina Raimo quickly entered the area and from the edge and put the team back in front. In the fourth quarter it was the turn of goalkeeper Alina Fadeeva to defend 4 shorts from Cagliari that were cancelled like the 3 black and turquoise and she had to decide the game with shots.

The friends were cooler and finished the game with three shots on O.

Some regret, but also the awareness of having finished the task well with a group that, if confirmed in its entirety and in its leadership, will still be able to say a lot in the future.

Pilar De Biasi won the top scorer award, confirming her great streak expressed in the tournament.

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