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The annual event at Citta della Senza begins tomorrow “Three Days of School”

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Days to talk about teaching, innovation and experimentation and talk about the school, but above all to allow the school and its heroes to talk.

From 9 to 11 November, the usual date “Three days to school” promoted Science Cityin collaboration with the Ministry of School, Social and Youth Policies of the Campania Region, the Campania Regional School Office and with the support of the Campania Region will take up the topic of “Renewal of the School”, to investigate through experts and teachers, teachers from all over Italy, the transformations, access points and new beginnings that the school world faces .

The inaugural event, on November 9 at 9:30 in the Newton Room, will see the institutional greetings of the President of the Regional Council of Campania, Vincenzo de LucaScience City President, Ricardo VillariDirector of the Regional School Office in Campania, Ettore AkiraAdviser to School, Social and Youth Policies in the Campania Region, Lucia FortiniCounselor of Education in the Municipality of Naples, Mora Striano.

Scientific talk to Antonio NavarraClimatologist, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change and the intervention of the Professor of Physics Vincenzo ChitiniThe famous tiktoker is famous for his video “Einstein with rock music comes to kids” which is popular on social media. Moderation is entrusted to him Marco Martinellitiktoker biotechnologist.

Among the main events of the event there will be a presentation of the first year of the new program Viva School Promoted by the School, Social Policy and Youth Policy that keeps schools open in the afternoons for school projects ranging from communication to theatre, from music to sports, from robotics to art with the aim of strengthening the school community and addressing early school leaving.

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Lucia Fortini said: “Critical continuity of the project was ensured by the management – as Lucia Fortini said – which in recent years has allowed access to a total funding of €100 million for four years, with each school benefiting from €50,000 annually. 12,000 extracurricular laboratories completed school andSchools open in the afternoon For a total of 480,000 hours, with 500 schools, 300,000 participating students and nearly 13,000 partner organizations and associations.”

The president of Città della Scienza commented: “Three days to school” is One of the major national events Dedicated to the world of teaching, which has put teachers and students at the center since its first edition. Città della Scienza has always been in dialogue with the world of schools, and has supported it in its various challenges to meet, in the name of participation and innovation, the renewed needs dictated by contemporary ».

Instead, the important news will be the start of the project.”Psychological support for childhood and adolescence“, as a result of a memorandum of understanding between the Campania Region and the Syndicate of Psychologists from the Campania Region with the aim of providing assistance to all young people between 3 and 18 years of age who are going through difficult moments, through specific psychological support and the organization of an assistance system targeting disadvantaged minors or minors at risk of social exclusion Those displaying psychological or behavioral discomfort and psychological support.The pathway is accessed through a general practitioner or pediatrician, choosing from over 1,000 psychologists who have joined the initiative.

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Another essential element of the program will be the deepening of the public notice adopted by the Campania region to establish, in 2022/25, New foundations for higher technical education: Post-diploma technical specialization schools that provide qualified training, provide professional and technical skills in line with companies’ demands, through courses implemented in cooperation with companies, universities, research centers and local bodies and allow skills development in technological sectors. It is considered a strategy for the country’s economic development, providing young people with real and tangible opportunities for a professional future with about 85% direct access to the world of work.

We will talk about the school and guidance at the meeting dedicated to the initiative “ORIENTAlife – School’s Orientation to LifePromoted by the Campania Region Schools Administration in collaboration with the Campania Regional School Office, Anpal Services, Confindustria Campania and Inail Campania: a guiding and growth pathway for training and information, providing young people with the tools to find your way.

In the context of Educational robotics workshopThrough Smarted, teachers will be equipped with tools for building interactive discussion maps that are also suitable for learners with special educational needs and/or sensory disabilities, through core coding concepts.

Also this edition of the event You will face great challenges Which crosses the world of the school, connecting teachers from all over Italy in sharing good practices, educational innovation and useful tools to recreate the school.

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