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Remember everything the sidewalk left us Alberto Bertazi Seems like an impossible challenge indeed. His scientific contribution has been much in the field of epidemiology, occupational medicine and prevention, both Italian and international, as well as his passionate social and humanitarian commitment and fruitful educational activity as a university professor. Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milan.

On the other hand, it is easier to honor the vivid memory of the teacher and friend, who Pierre Alberto has had so many friends, students and colleagues, which the Lombardy Pierre Lambiant Foundation intends to honor by organizing a commemorative event on Thursday, December 16, 2021. A moment of celebration and meeting.

Three months after his death, the initiative (created in collaboration with yours) starts from the long and precious cooperative relationship that Professor Bertzi has nurtured over time with the Foundation, starting with the research on the effects on human health of the dioxin released in the terrible accident of Icmesa di Seveso – an event through which the Foundation itself was born and then developed all of its activities.

Over the years, Pier Alberto’s scientific career has shown increasing importance, accompanied by a broad and shared recognition by the international scientific community for innovative contributions and the extraordinary far-sightedness resulting from his intelligence and capacity for intervention.

The complementary nature of the clinical assistance, teaching and research activities undertaken by Pierre Alberto with an interest in emerging problems, new areas of interest and research methodologies immediately catches the eye, and the development of innovative conceptual tools. To study new jobs and occupational environmental risks. All this refers to the whole world and thus revitalizes the virtuous cooperation between the relevant Italian and foreign centers.

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The vast amount of publications and numerous contributions to conferences and symposia are a clear outline of this wealth of professional, cultural, social and human relations.

After the first years of his activity as an internist – dedicated to clinical assistance and applied research on issues of occupational pathology at the Clinic of Occupational Diseases of the University of Milan – Pier Alberto developed an interest in a research sector that then became a priority on a social and scientific level: the epidemiology of work-related diseases.

His first stay abroad dates back to 1973 to learn innovative methodologies in this research field, which will be followed by others to deepen the original methods of scientific research in the field of occupational medicine, which laid the foundations for a new research activity. in the problem of occupational carcinogenesis.

Thus, after his appointment as full assistant in 1977, he plans and implements the creation of the Department of Epidemiology at the Institute of Occupational Medicine of the University of Milan, the first of its kind in Italy. This is where young graduates, technicians, clinicians, and researchers from other specialized fields begin work, and are involved in studies of morbidity and mortality associated with exposure to specific substances found in the printing, electromechanical and chemical industries.

It should be noted here that thanks to his natural ability to communicate and relational, to a genuine interest both in people and the contents of his research, a series of scientific exchanges and relationships with other institutes and researchers have facilitated participation in multiple fields. Research on carcinogenic risks due to occupational and environmental exposures.

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After he was appointed associate professor in 1986, his research activity focused on studying the effects of dioxin, the developments of which would lead to the creation of a university research center and molecular biology laboratory.

In 1992, he promoted the establishment of the University Center for Research in Occupational, Clinical and Environmental Epidemiology (Epoca) at the University of Milan, of which he remained director until 2008. The experience gained in the epidemiology of work-related diseases has also made it possible to investigate the toxic effects of chemical compounds in other diseases. of social significance such as Parkinson’s disease, malignant melanoma, gastric cancer, and lung cancer. The many lines of research and other important activities of Pier Alberto will also be spoken by colleagues who will speak on Thursday 16th at the event desired by the Foundation.

I feel I must make a final note about the intensity of his lifetime commitment, under the banner of his passion for science combined with an interest in the deeper values ​​that characterize human life in individuals and in society, both supported by the intimate and deep faith that has always supported him throughout his journey as a man and as a scholar.

With gratitude and regret we now want to keep his memory and education alive. In this way we shall continue to have from him precious support in our commitment to always listening, together with the causes of the intellect, as well as the causes of the heart.

The event will see some of his colleagues and friends speaking in the auditorium of the Cultural Center of Milan, at Largo Corsia dei Servi 4, at 5.30pm. To participate in person, simply book by writing to [email protected] It shall be equipped with a green lane. Those who cannot be in the hall can instead follow the live broadcast on YouTube channel for the institution.

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