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The Ancient Grain Welcome initiative: Science City protects agricultural biodiversity

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Tuesday May 31 at 10 in Naples, in Science City In the Archimede Room, the results of the project will be presented: Welcome to the old pills of the new health products.who sees how Scientific Coordinator Maria Grazia Volpi From the Food Science Institute of the National Research Council in Avellino and as leader ofOtavio Lucifero’s farmIn addition to the participation of the Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection of the National Committee for Scientific Research.

The purpose of the project is to use Flour Obtained from ancient grain For new products with high health value with positive effects on the consumer, to protect agricultural biodiversity and sustainable use of soil. The event will be attended by an audience of researchers, entrepreneurs, nutrition experts and the medical sector, as well as representatives from institutions. The meeting will be opened by the General Director of Cita della Senza, Massimo Cavalier.

The program includes in the first conclusion tasting Based on products from Graditi’s “Supply Chain” by Irpinia companies involved in the project and IIS students Giuseppe De Gruttola of Ariano Irpino, agricultural and hotel specialty.

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