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Watch out blues, unpredictable Americans! – OA game

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Good evening friends and friends OA game And welcome Live live Off Italian-American, The eighth suit of the azure gods Curling World Championship 2023, which will be held from April 1 to 9 in Ottawa (Canada). Basic meeting for the Italian team, A great game alternating with up and down performances and dark moments with great hits No more mistakes going into the play-offs.

there Blue team It composed Mattia Giovanella, Sebastiano Arman, Amos Mosner, Joel Returnas (except). Italy wants to stay The best protagonist of this world championship review, trying to defend the amazing bronze he got last year. Behind Sweden and Canada. The Azzurri’s journey did not start as expected, in fact they suffered two defeats at the start of the tournament.respectively vs A scary one Scotland (4-7) and hosts Canada (6-10) Retornaz and his team got back on track by defeating Türkiye in series (7-2), Swiss (8-4) and Germany (7-2); Before taking a yesterday Loss, vs. Norway (8-9) In a game full of regrets, and a Win against New Zealand (8-3). Italy are in seventh place with 4 wins and 3 losses with one more game to break into the top 6.Qualified for the playoffs. The challenge against the Americans, who are slightly behind in the standings, could prove crucial to Blue’s ambitions.

Team USA hasn’t enjoyed an easy start to the World Championships, with the Stars and Stripes collecting three wins and four losses in seven games. The Four It’s American Quietly From the front By John Landsteiner, Matt Hamilton and Chris Bliss and Skip John ShusterA well-coordinated team that can do anything on the ice, for better or for worse. The Americans began their debut with a three game losing streak: 5-8 against Norway, 11-6 against very strong Sweden and 5-6 against Japan; Before opening zero from the box in the win against the Czech Republic (10-8) Then came a New success to 11-5 Against Korea and a setback against Scotland (8-10). It was an Italian night Shuster and Co They beat Turkey 10-4, e Against Italy they will play their last chance to get back into the play-offs.

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OA Sport brings you live coverage of Italy-USA, the Azzurri’s eighth match of the 2023 Curling World Cup: News in real time, end by end, stone by stone, so you don’t miss a thing. A crucial challenge for the Azzurri who need to win to keep the Americans at a safe distance as they continue to fight for the top-6. It starts at 20.00. Enjoy curling everyone!

Photo: Italy Curling FISG

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