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Ice Hockey League, Asiago lost in the last match before the Continental Cup – FISG

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EC-KAC scores 4-1 win over Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey In the only game of the Ice Hockey League on Wednesday. While the Carinthian side managed to make it to the top four teams in the standings after their eighth away game, the new Asiago player still has to wait for his first home win at ICE.

Coach Barrasso has to deal with many defections, and he has to give up the valleys And the Barini Because of being unwell, a Marchetti For a physical problem, a Magnapusco For disqualification, in addition to the usual mascarin.

The first half opened in the worst way for Migros Asiago who, after 32 seconds, scored a goal in the Klagenfurt counterattack. hut On the first turn of the race. Carinthians then extends 11′ with lyceo, good in overcoming Valini after a confrontation in the offensive third. Austrian pressure is stifling and only Falini, formidable on two occasions, allows Asiago to stay in the match.

In the central break Asiago starts much better and in the first minutes Klagenfurt worries, but on the first reversal in front of the guests, he goes to the net with lyceo Who puts a nice pass from Tekar behind Falini. Asiago at 8′ can play in powerplay but doesn’t build superb networking actions. At 12′ Klagenfurt netted for the fourth time with PetersenVallini Unterweger, who served in front of the cold door. In the last five minutes of the break, the Giallorossi receives two penalties,

Klagenfurt remained very strong in the third game but Asiago relied on Falini to keep the score unchanged. Four minutes after the end, Salinitri manages to escape to the left and conclude, Dahm saves but does not control the puck, so the same Salinetry He managed to recover the disc and put it in the goal, making the defeat less bitter.

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EC-KAC, which has played all eight of the league’s away matches, now has 14 points and a +6 goal difference, the best provisional result after eight games in seven years.

Starting Friday the Continental Cup against Novi Sad, Istanbul and Jesenice

Thus Migros Asiago lost to Ice Odegar in the last match before the Continental Cup. From Friday the Lions will participate in the three days of the IIHF competition against Jesenice and Boz Adam Istanbul and Vojvodina Novi Sad.

12.10.2022 Migros Asiago Hockey Supermarket – EC-KAC 1:4 (0:2,0:2,1:0)
Referees: HUBER, PIRAGIC, Miklic, Rigoni
ASH Objectives: Salinitri (56).
KAC goals: Koch (1), Licio (12, 26), Petersen (33).

Photo by Serena Fantini

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