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Calcio Coppa Italia, Niesi and Guarda make the Aurora Uboldese

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Cerro Maggiore – Mission accomplished for Aurora Cmc Uboldese That Night In the round of 32 of the Coppa Italia, he beat Amici dello Sport 2-1, thus moving to the round of 16.

record – The host team continues with a net from the former Saronesi Nessi in the 25th minute, and he signed the draw ten minutes later through Machi. But in the 33rd minute of the second half, it is Guarda who fixes the score 2-1 for the Udoldesi team, thus not missing any victory in the Coppa Italia. With Amici dello Sport approaching numerical inferiority, goalkeeper Castiglioni was sent off at 34 minutes into the second half, and was replaced by Deputy Di Mango.

Aurora Cmc Uboldese- Sports Friends 2-1
AURORA CMC UBOLDESE: Passiani, Lelli Lor., Bartucci, Montani (22′ st Alberti), Banfi (22′ st Lelli Lu.), Pecorini, Besati (39′ st Fiore), Maiorano (17′ st Yessoufou), Look, Passalacqua, Niesi (34 Dall’Aera Street). Available Margaretti, Kalini, Fontana, Bailey. Maestrona flocks.
Friends of Sports: Castiglioni, Moretto, Sala (36 st Cozzi), Caccia P., Tirelli, Finato, Rimoldi (16 st Brando), Trevisan (34 st Di Mango), Avinci, Caccia M., Macchi (36 ^ St. Fede ). Grassini, Riccio, Pau, Martel and Zaroli are available. at. Cow.
Referee: Fumagali of Como (Barney of Abiagrasso and Menegil of Gallarate).

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