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A hockey fan in the stands saves a manager’s life

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He discovers from the runway a mole on the manager’s neck sitting on the bench, warns him and saves his life. It’s the story that monopolizes interest in the NHL, the National Hockey League. Nadia Popovici, a Seattle Kraken cheerleader, was in the stands for the game against the Vancouver Canucks on October 23. The woman noticed a detail on the neck of Brian Hamilton, Canox Equipment Manager. I did everything to get the attention of the equipment manager, and in the end, I managed to get him to read a message written on the phone note: a mole on the neck could be cancer, the woman wrote.

Hamilton accepted the signal and performed spot checks. The fan’s diagnosis turned out to be correct, and Hamilton underwent surgery to remove the mole. “He saved my life,” said the Canucks member. Then, the message appeared in the team’s social media profiles: “I’m trying to find someone very special and I need help from the hockey community,” Hamilton wrote, excited to meet the person who actually saved his life. .

“To the woman I’m looking for, I say you changed my life and I want to thank you. Your feelings were right, that mole on my neck was a malignant tumor.”

The fan’s mother read the message: “It’s my daughter, we are Kraken subscribers, we have seats behind the guest bench at Climate Pledge Arena,” the lady wrote. From there, a ramp to the meeting that took place in the last hours, marking the new challenge between the two teams. Popovici is tracked down and manages to meet Hamilton, between hugs and masks. The two teams thanked the young woman by donating her a $10,000 scholarship: After receiving her degree, she will be able to continue her medical studies.

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