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Thanksgiving text: The movie was born on Netflix from a text message to the wrong number

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A text message was sent to the wrong number, to a kind-hearted grandmother, Thanksgiving dinner with an extra seat at the table: These are the components of a story that has gone viral on the Internet and is now going to be a movie su Netflix. titled Thank you text It will be written by Abdul Williams.

The story goes back five years, when 22-year-old Jamal Hinton received a text with an invitation to Thanksgiving lunch. A grandmother sent him, but she wasn’t his: he just had the wrong number. After the problem was discovered, the invitation remained valid, and so Jamal joined the lunch organized by Wenda Dench, because “Grandmothers Feed Everyone”, Male.

Not only: The message exchange was posted on Twitter and the content went viral. Since that time, Hinton and Dench have made friends and spend the following Thanksgiving days together, the invitation has also been extended to Jamal’s girlfriend and family.

Their Twitter accounts have become quite popular – Total follower count – 150,000 followers – From there they welcomed Netflix’s interest in the cause:

We are so excited to be able to share our story with the world. We hope to inspire others to open up and connect outside their comfort zone. We feel lucky to have found true friendship thanks to God and a message sent to the wrong number.

as . points out the edgeAnd This isn’t the first time a production company has decided to take inspiration from viral phenomena to make a movie. It is an example of that Zola, from a particularly compelling story posted on Twitter with the hashtag #TheStory, or even solid, strong, based on a viral video of a bus fight in Auckland. Other examples have been reported by Gizmodo in the link at via 2.

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