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Harry Potter, will the actors be present in person at the reunion? Tom Felton’s guide

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It may not only be on Zoom la Reunion Deal Cast de Harry Potter On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the Philosopher’s Stone in cinema, and to give us a compelling idea specifically one of its heroes, Tom Felton.

Potterhead 2022 will open bigBecause HBO Max will give us a magical and unforgettable event.

As it was announced a few days ago, the House of Warner streaming platform will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter films in a big way with… A special event that will also be attended by the original castBut so far no details have been leaked about it.

In particular, with the customs followed due to the epidemic, It was legitimate to ask if the actors would actually be “on site”, or in person at Warner Bros. Studios. , or if, as on so many other occasions in the past two years, you were to rely on the power of technology and opt for virtual communications.

However, a recent post by Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy on Instagram may have dispelled any doubts about it: the actor actually shared Picture of a trailer serving as a dressing room, as you can read on the plaques by the doors, both for him and for Sirius Black’s interpreter, NSAcademy Award winning actor Gary Oldman.

So this may be proof that we’ve been waiting for that, yeah, our favorites will get together in person once again on stage one to celebrate the magic of the world Harry Potter.

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To find out what really happens on that day, we’ll have to wait for the new year.

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