June 1, 2023

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105 minutes of laughter and hilarious scenes for this comedy released on Netflix in April that will make you laugh till you cry

Although cinemas are reopening at full speed, the habit of watching a few movies at home is not giving up on us. Especially when we’re feeling particularly tired after a long day of work or commitments, relaxing on the couch seems to be the only alternative. So what do you do if you do not prepare a delicious snack, a cold drink and choose our favorite one. Choose a movie challenging and dramaticin the evening when we just want to relax, it doesn’t seem like the best, sometimes we need a bit of light.

Funny movies and series

Even if indecision makes us waste a lot of time choosing a movie or series, there are several possibilities to spend a few hours enjoyable.

There are funny historical series like friends And the Big Bang theory, where all the episodes are filled with double meanings, jokes, awkward and funny situations. In both series, the protagonists are a tight-knit group of friends who in their daily lives encounter often solitary but very hilarious circumstances. The Italian series Boris is a must, since we will be able to discover the fantasy background, where the whole crew is really crazy.

Alternatively, if we are looking for one A light and cheerful movie, also in this case the list is very long. On Netflix, we’ll be able to see Facciamola finita, a funny 2013 movie that will definitely make us laugh. A group of young Hollywood faces, and other common kids, get stuck in a big mansion during a huge party because the apocalypse is breaking out. We won’t be able to help but laugh out loud at the very silly and comedic scenes we are going to witness.

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A completely different scene in The Wrong Missy, where several misunderstandings lead a man to invite the alleged woman of his dreams on a romantic trip to Hawaii. In fact, the invitation comes to another woman and we will see some of her valid.

If we want to spend 105 minutes of laughter and hilarious scenes, maybe In the Bubble is the right movie, which has been released by Netflix since April.

105 minutes of laughter and hilarious scenes for this comedy released on Netflix in April that will make you laugh till you cry

During the pandemic, which has forced many actors and directors to stop all work, an entire cast decided to turn the tide to continue the saga of the popular movie, Monsters of Rock. Thus, the main actors of the former actors are called to shoot the entire film inside a huge villa. Each of them will also have to quarantine before the scenes begin, so he can order whatever he wants.

Each character will offer moments of pure comedy, even touching the crazy genre, but we definitely won’t be able to do anything but laugh out loud. A movie within a movie that carries the banner of comedy to spend an evening full of comedy.


Comedies to see if we want to spend an evening without stopping to laugh