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Corsair has launched a tool to build the PC of your dreams –

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device manufacturer pirate fired a tool online for Configure your computer of dreams. This is basically a selection tool that lets you choose from thousands of different components, then order them from a Corsair store.

Initial selection allows you to choose component by component, or select a file Mold Start or load a configuration (option not yet implemented). Of course it is not necessary to finalize the purchase, but if you wish, you can get a summary of selected parts by email so that you have an idea of ​​the costs and come back to them later. Note that the tool only chooses components that are compatible with each other, so there is no risk of making mistakes.

Corsair PC Builder

Let’s read the other details taken from the official press release:

CORSAIR (NASDAQ:CRSR), the leading manufacturer of the most advanced components for PC gamers, creators and compilers, today unveiled an innovative and powerful tool to help gamers and enthusiasts design the PC they’ve always wanted or update the right configuration. Your needs: CORSAIR PC Builder. Combining an extensive database of compatible components with our expert hardware skills and build recommendations, CORSAIR PC Builder is an invaluable resource for designing and configuring your next gaming PC.

CORSAIR PC Builder matches your components with the gaming needs you require, based on a database that includes the full specifications of the thousands of PC components currently on sale. Users just need to select their processor, whether it’s Intel or AMD, select a graphics card and motherboard and the CORSAIR PC Builder tool will provide a complete list of CORSAIR award-winning components, which is guaranteed to be fully compatible with the desired system. The assembly tool also ensures that all parts can be installed seamlessly in the specified case, whether manufactured by CORSAIR or another brand. The final result? A selection of components carefully selected according to your real needs to assemble the gaming PC you have always dreamed of.

CORSAIR PC Builder is more than just a partial compatibility checker. In fact, overspending on one high-volume component may lead to waste, while spending too little on another core configuration component may cause bottlenecks in overall system performance. To optimize your configuration components, CORSAIR PC Builder suggests balanced stacks, for example, that don’t make you spend a fortune on memory components that your CPU can’t exploit or choose a power supply that your system doesn’t support during intense gaming sessions. In addition, this tool gives you valuable information about the computer assembly process and interesting tips on the components to choose directly from the experts of CORSAIR DIY. So users can easily compare similar products, and see their availability and prices directly on the site.

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