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Tensions between the United States and China over Taiwan, Biden: “Ready for military intervention if Beijing invades.” CNN: ‘Even its managers were surprised’

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harsh words about him China Come here Taiwan, a more precise topography between the two superpowers. Statements in uncertain terms, expressly citing a “Military intervention” response in the event of an invasion. Fire remarks, which they have “Surprised” Even his entourage. Joe Biden Fly to Japan and riskDiplomatic incident In an already tense moment with her statements about the island nation in the China Sea, which Beijing claims as part of its territory. On a visit to Tokyo, the President of the United States said he was ready to Military intervention In support of the island in the event of a Chinese invasion, some believe it is more likely after the Russian campaign in Ukraine.

“Yes. That is the commitment we made,” he said. White House President In response to a specific question. He added that although the United States signed a policy ofonly china“Promoted by Beijing against the island’s independence, ‘This does not mean that China can take Taiwan by force,’ and that the Xi Jinping government” playing with fireThe reference is exercises, air maneuvers, and patrols Marina AndChinese Airlines Around the Taiwan Strait, just over 2,000 km south of Japan. He warned that strong action would be “unsuitableIt will “bring the whole region” to a scenario similar to “what is happening in Ukraine.” In this regard, Biden and Kishida announced a major watching Naval activities in Beijing and Russian-Chinese exercises in the Asia-Pacific region to contain the possibility of unilateral military action.

Biden’s allegations CNNthey have ‘We are taken by surprise’ same Consultants And near the president, White House sources told US television that the president’s staff are already working on issuing a statement clarifying the US position. But Biden’s words have already provoked a reaction from Beijing, which has expressed “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” and made it clear that it is ready. supported by yourself national interests In Taiwan: On Issues Related to Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity, China There is no room for compromise or compromise. “No one should underestimate the determination of the Chinese people,” the foreign ministry spokesman said. China, specifies, “will take decisive measures to safeguard its sovereignty and security interests” and asks Washington “to respect the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint contacts, respect its commitment not to support Taiwan independence, I notice By words and deeds on the Taiwan issue EA Don’t send false signals to the separatist forces seeking Taiwan independence.”

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Instead of the satisfaction of the Taipei Foreign Ministry that “Appreciate To both President Biden and the US government to reaffirm the United States’ strong commitment to Taiwan.” The memo states that the island remains determined to “vigorously defend” its “freedom, democracy, and security,” and underscores the international community’s concerns about the “challenge” posed by China. Taiwan will continue to strengthen its self-defense capabilities and deepen cooperation with like-minded countries, such as the United States, for the “joint defense of the security” of the Taiwan Strait and “international system based on the rules.

Biden’s words reflect growing concerns about China’s assertiveness in the region: the US government has so far maintained the so-called “strategic ambiguity“On the use of military force in response to a possible Chinese attack on Taiwan, approved by 1979 After Washington moved its diplomatic headquarters from Taipei to Beijing, it only maintained informal relations with the island. The “strategic ambiguity” is intended not only to dissuade China from using force against Taiwan, but also to discourage Taiwan from seeking independence, as neither Beijing nor Taipei can feel certain that the United States will intervene to defend the country. Isolates are in conflict.

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