December 10, 2023

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Fleeing from the West from Moscow, the French remained and re-conquered – Libero Quotidiano

Fleeing from the West from Moscow, the French remained and re-conquered – Libero Quotidiano

The United States of America They were the first to start a war Penalties against the Russia. It is said that the whole of Europe is held together, and Italy is in the lead, even at the cost of much more economic loss than Washington, especially in terms ofEnergy. But there are those who somehow escape the policy of economic revenge and the boycott of Russian markets. Surprise: it exists France from the boss Emmanuel Macronamong the most active (in words and on the phone) in the search for mediation war in ukraine But that in public silence is giving approval to companies across the Alps to reopen factories in Russia.

The most striking case is the case of RenaultWhich announced the resumption of production in Moscow. But the same policy is followed by other giants like TotalAnd the AuchanAnd the Decathlon And the Leroy Merlin, which still maintains a strong reaction with the Russian markets. Then there is an important fact to consider: the French government, the main shareholder of Renault with 15% of the shares, supports the policy of the company, which has important links with the Russian auto sector. In fact, since 2016, it has been controlling the Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ (of which it owns 67.6 percent of the parent company, Lada Auto Holding). The company is strategic in the Russian business world, as a partner Renault rustic, a Russian state-owned enterprise whose main activity is defense and is led by an oligarchy that is clearly very close to President Vladimir Putin. This explains why Renault has not been able to survive outside the Russian market (with 40,000 employees across the country), even at the cost of deviating from the strict policy imposed by the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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condition total energywhich is an energy company that owns 19.4% of Novatek (And as he remembers It is the largest Russian producer of liquefied gas) and also have large stakes in Yamal LNG And the Arctic LNG 2. It will not give up on-going projects, unlike British oil companies BP And the seashells. While the West flees Moscow to turn it into gas, the French remain. And in some cases, like Leroy Merlin, they are even considering taking advantage of the competition’s “gap” to expand.